1. P

    Any leads for fixing variably stretched images from a scanner?

    So I have an obscure problem. I take timelapses using computer scanners. Right now I am watching a fungus colonize legumes (tempeh). The motor and/or belt on one of my scanners is acting up. In some photos it will go a bit slower on some portions of the scanner platen, which has the effect of...
  2. M

    Specific Transform an ugly old house!

    Can you make this ugly old house beautiful again?! I'd love to see your vision for transforming this 1930s house into something fresh and pretty; I'm completely open on color, style etc!
  3. C

    How to share a tool preset with another tool.

    This is default Smudge tool. How to transform (convert) this settings for Brush tool, with this texture?
  4. N

    Wonky walls in middle of image

    I always try to correct any distortion, and keep my verticals vertical and horizontals horizontal, usually with the free transform tool. But sometimes there is a wonky wall right in the middle of the image... How do I correct this?
  5. Azulnauta

    Transform picture into drawing

    Hello, is there a way to use this image: and turn into a drawing like this ones? I know its a different and very rectangular type of machine, but.... :)
  6. S

    Layer Size

    Hello all, I have a logo that I am trying to fit across several different templates. Is there a way that I can easily resize the logo to a particular size? Free transform allows me to increase size, but I'd like it to be something like 200x400px on all of my templates. Is there a way for me to...
  7. G

    Adjusting The Free Transform Tool To Image

    Hello, I appreciate any help. I use a much older version of Photoshop CS4 ver 11, and use PS at its minimal. But what works perfect for what I need. I take images of dishware, and in the past I used to be able to take a image of a dinner plate, initiate the Elliptical Marquee tool to a random...
  8. X

    selection of imported image that I cannot transform

    Hi, I imported an image in a layer. Afterwards, I select the image with the quick selection tool and when I want to edit -> trace transform -> perspective, I have a pop up that says "Impossible to transform the trace because the selected trace doesn't contain any pixel". I have no idea how to...
  9. F

    Skilful person who can transform this girl into a drug user

    (...image removed by moderator...) Hello, I was wondering if there is someone skilful out there who would be able to edit the girl's face into a drug abuser for my a level art, for me to draw! So basically I'd like to see dark under eyes, bad skin, skeletal features, huge freaky pupils etc and...
  10. P

    Free Transform of Smart Object

    Hello - I combined 3 layers into a smart object. However when I attempt to do a free transform, the entire image is boxed in. I would like to upload the file but am having difficulty. Is there a size limit for upload? It is 15MB
  11. B

    Transform controls not working properly

    Normally, when I click on a layer, the transform controls show up. Then when I click on another layer, the transfer controls show up on the second layer, and disappear from the first layer. Now, when I click on a layer, the transform controls are added to the previous click (as if the CTRL...
  12. P

    Free Transform box moves

    Hi - please see the attached. I brought shutters in to this file as a smart object. I resized them to fit the windows using Free Transform. They came out good. But when I attempt to tweak them the transform box is way to the upper left and therefore none of the shutters can be adjusted. What...
  13. D

    transform issue

    Here's a picture of a pattern on top of another picture. I'm trying to transform the pattern (ctrl+T) in a perspective mode but it gives me the message you see on the screen. The problem is that I've done this before and it has worked. Am I missing something? I've noticed that it will work for...
  14. L

    How to make this image, looks like a sun

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone could help me with ideas of how to make the sun shape from this image I attached. I have made one of the squiggly tails (lets call them tails for now lol) and transformed it by 15 degrees, then did the duplicate+transform again. I came out with the...
  15. B

    Auto place in free transform

    Hi, how can I enable "auto place" in free transform mode ? I click something, and now I have free transform without some placing (in the middle of bg, on sites....) - like when you press ctrl.
  16. X

    How do I transform while zoomed way in?

    Hi there, I have looked for an answer to this problem but have not been able to find it - so I wanted to ask if anyone here know. What I want to do is to tranform (scale etc.) a part of a Photoshop image I am working on. I need to work very close (zoomed in) so I can not see the transform...
  17. S

    Hello from Montreal!

    Hello Lads!! I am a software developer who dabbles in photoshop, but very little. I just know where most of the tools are, but don't know how to do anything without except crop, resize, transform parts of na image (with Cmd + T) Hope I can learn something with you guys and in the future might...
  18. P

    Free Transform box moves

    Hi - I have used the Transform function to alter the shape of an object. It worked fine. Later I needed to tweak it. I went into the Transform function and the box with the little grips was way over on the opposite side of the screen. Something similar had happened before. My small...
  19. N

    Transform Tool with bad effect (antialias)?

    Hello there! First I apologize for my bad english, because I speak portuguese, I'm from Brazil, ok? I have a trouble with the "Transform Tool" in Photoshop CS6... I don't know what I did... But now, when I use CTRL + T (Transform tool) I get that result of the image 1. That is no good effect...
  20. G

    Scale two dependent layers (parenting)

    Hi, Just wondering if there is a way to scale two layers dependently in Photoshop. The same as in the After Effects 'parenting' function. For example, I have one rectangle that is 2x3cm and beneath that is another rectangle layer of 6x8cm. Now what I want is that if I scale the small rectangle...