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  1. J

    Paid Need help layering one image onto another - $10 venmo or paypal

    I need to layer Image A onto Image B. Image A is a river stream with a white background that will need to be sent to transparent. Image B is a map with a dark outline of the river. I need Image A to be transparent and overlap the dark outline on Image B. The projections for each are different...
  2. B

    Would This Print Well On Apparels?

    Hello guys Please find attached a sample PNG file of 'Sample Text'. I have done a distress/ transparent effect using a soft brush (dissolve) and then removing the blackest part of the final image with the wand tool. The purpose of doing this is to create semi transparent text where the...
  3. G

    Specific Please add transparency for this GIF picture.

    Hello i'd like for any of you to transform the green screen transparent, this is a gif picture so i don't know how to do that.. Mod Edit: Please upload all images, files, gifs' etc directly to the forum. No links.
  4. K

    Need grey icons seperated from white background without altering pixels.

    As someone who has been using Photoshop for years I'm at wits end. I'd like to consider myself a seasoned user but oh well. Basically I need to remove the white background from this image I screenshot off my browser: But I want to make sure that the pixels in the grey icons remain exactly the...
  5. T

    Help with PNG Images having specks in transparent background

    Hi all, I can't seem to find the answer to this. I am painting watercolors, scanning them, opening the scan in photoshop elements then editing and saving as PNG image so they will have a transparent background. I plan to start selling my work in this downloadable format soon. I thought is was...
  6. L

    Clipping masks, adjustment layer sliders, locking transparency for color changing

  7. J

    Transparency is suddenly much darker

    Hello, I need help with a weird problem. Yesterday I did some graphics in Photoshop and beside PSD I saved them also as PNG. Today when I open any of the files and save them again as a PNG all pixels with less then 100% opacity are much darker. It affects for example drop shadow effect in...
  8. R

    Mask Shadows

    There was a time when I could remember how to do this but I've been away from PS for a while and need a refresher. I have baked out ( from 3D software) some ambient occlusion/shadow maps that I want to use as shadows. I want to mask out the ALL of the white and replace it with transparency. I...
  9. S

    Need help with transparency (Fashion Design)

    Hello everyone, I have one question regarding photoshop for fashion design. I usually work in layers, each layer representing one garment (ex. pants, shirt, skin..etc) and it goes very well until I get to the point where I have to color a garment that represents a transparent fabric, like...
  10. J

    How to have a blending layer with transparency not to mix with another one?

    Hithere, Each of these three 'people' have there own layer, with their own transparency setting. As you can see, where the medium man and small man overlap, the image gets darker. Is there a way to set 'overrule' or 'dominance' (lost for correct words here) to the layer with the medium man...
  11. K

    Transparency/visibility question...

    Ok, so.. Here is what I am wondering. I want to create an animation of sorts. This means creating individual smaller frames, then patching them into a larger image. Not sure how many frames yet though. But, the main problem is making them. I plan to have it like this: Top Layer - Runes Second...
  12. G

    How Did Someone Save This T-Shirt With Multiply FX Embedded In It As PNG File?

    I have a t-shirt design program installed on our website and I need to create an overlay t-shirt that has the transparency like this one shown so customers can add various colors to it. The image below is from the demo of the t-shirt program, however I need to make one from a Gildan tee. It...
  13. A

    Not getting what I've selected

    Hey, I have this issue, I have selected the following But when I do Ctrl+J to get it to a new layer, this is what I'm getting With this "ugly" transparency in the middle. Any ideas how I can solve it? Thanks a lot
  14. R

    Masking for Transparency and Creating Depth

    I've been using Photoshop off and on for years, but up to this point have been basically self-taught so there is a lot of stuff I'm unfamiliar with. I'm currently working on this image, and am running into some problems that I'm not completely sure how to solve. I'm trying to make the cassette...
  15. A

    Brushes are overlapping- strange transparency/ turing colors grey

    Hope everyone is having a good holiday! I'm encountering a really strange issue that started up this Thursday. I have photoshop CS6 and my brushes (although I'm on the same layer) are overlapping with transparency and in some cases turn the color i'm painting over a shade of grey. I have no...
  16. blasteralfred

    how to change opacity of png image with alpha background

    I have a png image, with transparent background. The transparency of image is like 50% or something. The image looks greyish. I want to be pure white with transparent background. I tried color overlay in blending options, but opacity is same. Then I tried filling with color, but the edges of the...
  17. C

    Illustrator Transparency for Grouped Objects

    Keeping things simple, I have a black circle with text numbers on top of it (brought forward). I need help figuring out how I can edit the objects so that the black circle has transparent numbers through it. Imagine the circle having the numbers cut out of it. This will be printed on a...
  18. R

    Pretty please help me figure out how to make this kind of picture!

    Hi guys! So happy you are here and reading this right now. I am almost going crazy trying to figure out how to make this kind of picture with my Photoshop CS6 (and was told this picture was made with CS6)! Can you please help me with as much detail as you can/want to? - I will make sure you...
  19. N

    logo transparency HELP

    need help from somebody who is willing to take a few moments to make me a transparent high def version of the nike swoosh logo, needs to be a large logo, no specific dimensions. just need one that's clear when blown up. Thank you so much in advance!!
  20. D

    Tweening not working?

    Hi! So I really need help with the tween button in my cs6. It was working fine up until today , for some reason when I opened my photoshop and tweened my gif it didn't tween like it normally did. After apply the tween effect when I save my gif it ends up being choppy and unnatural. It looks like...