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  1. gedstar

    3D First animation in Blender

    Here's my first animation in Blender from tutorial of course, still learning
  2. fredfish

    3D It all looks like such fun that I wanted to join the party!

    Just followed a very simple tutorial - but personalised it a little bit. :)
  3. K

    Simple Glitch Effect: Photoshop Tutorial - #kzOFFBEAT

    Hey there everyone! I got some free time when I got home from the busy work hours and created a video tutorial. On how to create a simple glitch effect. It's not a must, but everything will be even easier to understand if you watch my first tutorial before moving...
  4. G

    3D Low Poly Rocks and Cartoon Rocks

    In this tutorial we're going to see two ways to create rocks. The first method is a fully low-poly rock style and pretty easy to do. And the second method is a cartoonish style with round corners. Thanks for watching, hope it may help someone. :cheesygrin:
  5. gedstar

    3D Blender Ring

    Another one done from tutorial, hopefully some day this will get less confusing :shocked:
  6. gedstar

    3D Blender Teddy Bear

    Done from tutorial, finally got it right after 2 attempts
  7. gedstar

    3D Blender Poolballs

    From Blender tutorial, this Blender stuff is fun :thumbsup:
  8. gedstar

    USB Memory Key

    Done from tutorial
  9. U

    How to create twisted text effects?

    Hey guys, I really want to apply some cool effects to my text to create something more interesting like these: Do you have any idea\ tutorial \ guide? Thanks! :thumbsup:
  10. J

    how can i set the brush to this setting ?

    Hi all, recently i found a tutorial on how to set the brush to make it brush out like a hair. but i follow the steps it doesn't seems to change to that setting i follow on the tutorial. any kind soul can help me with this. Tutorial Setting: Mine Setting: anything i did wrong ? kindly...
  11. G

    3D Low Poly Skeleton

    Here is the process of creating a low poly skeleton and making sure we get the most important features of each bone. Thanks For Watching!
  12. gedstar

    Misty Memories

    I've been lazy for a while and been out of practice with photo manipulations, this was done from a tutorial courtesy of
  13. gedstar

    How to Add Fog & Light in Photoshop

    Tutorial courtesy of Phlearn You can download the image and brushes for the tutorial but you need to create an account which is not a bad thing :cheesygrin: they have some wonderful free tutorials there More info...
  14. G

    3D Chest-Pirate-Treasure

    Hello everyone, Here is an simple way to create an awesome Chest-Pirate-Treasure! Thanks for watching!
  15. J

    HELP: Tutorial for this effect (picture attached)

    Help! I'm working on a new company logo, in which I need to do something similar to this effect, shown below. I want my word to bend with the shape, a triangle, not a custom shape. I have tried creating the shape with the pen tool and using it as a text box, but it doesn't give to shape like it...
  16. G

    Post Production Photoshop Architecture Car Mood Shot Before and After

    3d:- 3ds Max & Vray Post :- Photoshop
  17. O

    Dramatic Color Scheme

    Dear Members, I am looking to learn how to change the color scheme of my photos to add more dramatic look. Can someone point me to a good tutorial perhaps to help me out? please see the link below for the look I want to achieve. Thanks in advance.
  18. E

    A free snowflakes template for Photoshop

    Hi there, In this tutorial I'm gonna show you how to apply the snowflakes template that I created, on any winter photo that you take. You will also have the opportunity to download this template and use it however you want. Here is the YouTube tutorial: FREE SNOWFLAKES TEMPLATE Here is the...
  19. R

    Trying to Find a PSG Thread from Several Months Ago

    Perhaps six months ago, somebody posted a video tutorial for how to insert a woman with complicated hair into another image (it was an interior room of a house). Rather than selecting and extracting the woman and her hair, he placed the entire photo of her---including the background---onto the...
  20. S

    Need Tutorial for Rings as attached Picture

    HI, I would like to make logos. How to make Ring like attached LOGO can any one give me tutorial for that Ring...