1. M

    Typing over existing text skips first character

    Same as the InDesign bug: When I have some existing type and I select the type and change it to something else, the first character is skipped or does not show. Has anyone else experienced this issue and can anyone suggest a fix? The fix for InDesign involved changing a preference in "Advanced...
  2. N

    Cannot type the letter "H"

    This issue started up yesterday. I cannot, regardless of font type or size or capitalization, type the letter "h" using the text tool. I can copy and paste the letter in, but trying to type it any other way does nothing.
  3. S

    i have a weird question about layers.

    I am watching a speed painting and i notice something in the layer panel. The layer size of the layer he/she is using are not the same. Can you please tell me what is the difference between this type of layer from a normal layer? how can you create this type of layer?
  4. J

    Change the color of water

    The water is really yellow/brown in the photo, please edit to blue, the type of blue is up to you Thank you
  5. D

    What is this type of effect?

    I'm wondering if there is a technical name for this type of effect? I just did a google search for "gradient map design", but I really only found a few examples of what I was looking for. Also, I think I have an idea of how to create this effect, but if anyone has a nice tutorial, it would be...
  6. F

    How does Brandon achieve this type of editing?

    Hi Everyone, I was recently browsing Instagram and stumbled upon Brandon Woelfel's page and saw this before and after picture he posted. How does he achieve this type of editing/effect? Thanks, Faraaz
  7. K

    Wacky Pen tool behavior

    Hello, all- I'm on an iMac late '12 running Sierra (10.12.4) using PS CC 2017.1.1 and I'm having a problem I've never seen before with PS. I need to make clipping paths for the images delivered to a client. What happens is when I'm using the Pen tool and while creating the path, the Pick a...
  8. S

    Looking for help writing in photoshop

    Hello, I'm trying to make a list of rules for my Twitch chat. I'm using the type tool, dragging it the full length that I want the text to appear and then I copy and paste the text I want. That is where I run into trouble. After the first line, the second is much further down and then the next...
  9. C

    How did they achieve this cut?

    Hello again! Thanks for all the help on my first post. For this one, I want to knowhow they cut the red part on the left. I have the basketball wood background I'd like to use, but am trying to figure out how to do that type of cut in Photoshop. Cheers!
  10. K

    Vertical Type tool does not work as intended

    Hello guys, newb here (: I have this weird problem that I can't type text vertically (text remaining legible without having to turn your head but from top to bottom). This is the result when selecting Vertical Type tool or changing text orientation. Not what I want :cry: I have already...
  11. R

    Lui Bolin type effect possible with photoshop?

    Is there a way to recreate this type of blending with a photograph effect just using photoshop?
  12. S

    Can somebody tell me what is this and how to make this in photoshop

    hello every body please help me i am new to photoshop and i am not figuring out what is this image below please help me how do i make this type of image
  13. MoltresRider

    various characters no longer working using type tool

    Characters like é in "Pokémon" if typed as [alt+130] on my keyboard. it always shows a box in place of that character. even on fonts like Ariel and Times New Romas which obviously have that character in the font. However, if I type out Pok[alt+130)mon out in notepad for "Pokémon", highlight it...
  14. N

    help with making/finding this shape in custom shape tool

    How does one achieve the ferris wheel type effect in the background? Also if you skip to 0:12(the video is in fast foward motion unfortunately but if you pause a couple times and look you can see he goes to custom shape tool and the shape he has is a ferris wheel type shape and he makes overlay...
  15. S

    Cant put text on a banner

    i cant put text in the green zone i wanted to put a text with gold colour but when i start to type nothing happens
  16. Zain Khan

    Can Anyone explain which font is it?

    I am looking to understand which type of font is it, or is there any font matching to this that you can refer me to? Please help me, I really need Help :/
  17. S

    converting image to watercolour

    Hi everyone. I'm new here, and I would like to ask all of you for a help. In attachment I will show you two art watercolours. Actually it is a printed pictures on plotter, which is previously converted from ordinary photo to this pictures - watercolours. Actually, this is not typically type of...
  18. M

    3D What brush type for scabbed effect on texture page

    I am currently working on a project in 3ds max and after creating the base colours on my texture page i require some advice. I've decided that the paint on the model is going to be used and scraped on the edges and corners to give it that realistic look. Therefore im not sure on how to apply...
  19. M

    Scratch Type Edit

    As you can see the hazy lines type of effect...any way to achieve it from PS?
  20. Z

    How to convert a bitmap image into a old type negative film Look ?

    How to convert a bitmap image into a old type negative film Look ? Do they used any 3rd party plugins etc??? Or it can be achieved with Photoshop ? If it so a tutorial really helpful to all of us.