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  1. hershy314


    Thought I'd give a little update on what's been going on. I won my case with disability. Don't have the details yet, I'll be getting them this week. I do know I'll get my first check on August 1st. Still doing pretty good after surgery, still not 100 % and doubt I ever will be, but that's fine...
  2. Pipsmom

    Apple Update

    Apple computers are being attacked by the virus now also and already hit many. Check for your New update and get protected
  3. W

    Photoshop CC 2017 will not even start.

    OS - Windows 10 Photoshop CC 2017 Photoshop CC 2017 will not even start. When I initiate the program, it appears to run, but before it starts, but after the Workspace appears, I get a message that Photoshop 2017 has stopped working and Windows is checking for a solution. The program then...
  4. gedstar

    Creative Cloud unable to reach adobe servers

    Is anybody having issues getting the latest updates to PSCC2015, I think it's just a ACR update so I downloaded it manually from here But still getting the Creative Cloud unable to reach adobe servers error Here's a thread...
  5. S

    Layers not automatically going into a new group

    Hey All, first time poster. In the past, when I've selected layers and pressed Control + G, Photoshop would create a new group with my layers already included in the group. With the last update, when I create a new group, I have to manually place my layers in the new group. Anyway to get it...
  6. gedstar

    Photoshop 2015.1.2 Update

    New update to Photoshop CC2015 More info here on bug fixes
  7. gedstar

    Photoshop CC 2015.1

    Looks like Adobe have another update for us More info here And the Oil Paint Filter is back, they've kind of hidden it There's a new Start...
  8. mikecox

    How to upgrade RAW plug in

    I just updated PsCC but when I tried to edit a Lr image in Ps I got a warning the the RAW plugin was out of date, with the instruction to go to the Ps Help menu and click update. But Ps has already been updated, I just need to update the RAW plugin. How do I do that?
  9. G

    Photoshop Deactivation & Bios update question

    Hello, I am sorry to bother you but I found your site and thought I would ask my question here. I need to update my motherboard bios as I have a glitch with my current one. The manufacturer has told me to flash my bios to latest version. But before I flash the bios I need to know if i have to...
  10. admin

    Forum Software Update/Maintenance April 18, 2015 [Completed]

    We will be performing a forum software update this evening and will have about an hour of downtime. This update addresses number of bugs in vBulletin and should result in a smoother running forum. I'll let everyone know when the update is completed.
  11. S

    How do I automatically "Update All Modified Content" on a linked smart object

    I have a single smart object which will act as a texture layer. This texture layer is linked to over 100 documents, when I want to put a new texture in this smart object I save it then open up 1 of the 100 documents, it has the yellow warning symbol and I have to click "Update All Modified...
  12. admin

    Forum Software Update and Scheduled Downtime

    We are updating the forum software tonight and have scheduled downtime starting at 8:30 PM EST. The downtime should be less than one hour. After the update is done there may be some bugs in the theme or with mods/plugins we use here. We would appreciate your help in reporting them here if...
  13. M

    Raw update

    I have the old cs2 and just bought a new canon t3 (1100D) cs2 does not support the raw files/format for this camera and it important that I figure out where and how to get it updated. Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks to all in advance