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  1. P

    Specific Want to see how the brushed black vinyl on the car and black brake calipers look in diff color

    The car is a 2017 Corvette Grand Sport in Black Rose tintcoat paint. It has black brake calipers and I did a 3M 1080 vinyl brushed black metallic on the center of the hood and center of the roof (and center back side as well - not shown). What I'm interested in doing is getting the calipers...
  2. Hybrus

    Vinyl Cutter Software

    Hello Gurus, I need a cutter plotter software, Anyone know does know?
  3. E

    Change my car colour please

    Hey, new member on here and just wondering if people could change the colour of my car trying to get some ideas on a colour change in the form of vinyl wrap.. thanks! For example white,red,green,black anything really
  4. M

    Could someone explain the simplest way to get this text effect?

    I am confused on how to get the text effect used in both of the attachments. It looks very lo-fi, it reminds me exactly of looking at old vinyl record covers. I need to know how to achieve this archaic grimy look with the text, I've been frustrated trying to attempt it for a few months...
  5. S

    Printing on vinyl cling material

    Hi, I'm trying to print on some special vinyl cling material. I tried saving my .psd graphics / text image to a jpg file so that I could more easily import it into MS Publisher. When I printed it on the setting for 'Ultra Premium Glossy Photo Paper' which is what the manufacturer...