1. D

    please help me

    can you make the qr code more visible? or just remove the background and dont delete the qr code
  2. J

    Frame-by-frame animation

    Hi. I'm trying to make a frame-by-frame animation in which each frame stays visible and the next frame is put on top of the previous one. Is there any way to do this in Photoshop? Something like this. I know how to do it manually, by making all layers below the current frame visible, but with a...
  3. G

    How to Merge visible & duplicate layer

    Hi I have been studying a written tutorial(video tutorial is no longer available), and several times it says "Merge visible & duplicate layer". Could someone explain how to go about it. Thanks ganbee :question:
  4. L

    Not sure if these annoying gaps are real

    Hi :) I'm suffering from these little gaps or "hairlines" in my image that I don't think are actually there. I am doing some images that need to be pixel perfect and sliced up into pieces for use in another application. In the past I have had problems with semi transparent pixels, but this time...
  5. E

    Change gif color

    Hello, Please somebody change the color of the above gif from red to white. So the hearts are white. I realize that means it probably won't be visible on this forum but it's for elsewhere. Thank you!
  6. K

    Merge Visible is Different to what I see

    Hi All, I don't know if this is a bug from Photoshop or there's something corrupted within my computer but this problem is driving me crazy. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to save this image, yet when I open the jpg that I have just saved it is very different to what I am...
  7. B

    Need Help making pixelated color spectrum/pallet

    Not sure how I would get this done but I wanted to create a 16x16 pixel tile color spectrum where each tile would be a uniform slice of the visible spectrum and not repeated. The file would ideally be 12 x 40 of these tiles for a total of 192x640 pixels; 480 total color swatches spanning the...
  8. Tom Mann

    Anyone recognize the smartphone app to give this waxy, almost cartoon-like effect?

    A friend asked if I knew what cell phone app or web-based editing program was used to give the waxy, crayon-like, almost cartoonish appearance to the attached image. I'm not talking about the shallow DOF, the green from the Hg vapor lights in the ceiling, the general blur, or any of the other...
  9. T

    Remove plateholder

    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and did not know where else I shoud post my question. My question is if someone could remove the plateholder and so that the grill of the car would be visible. I hope you guys can help me. Thank you!
  10. K

    How do I make the green plate text more clear and visible in photoshop?

    I am trying to make the Green plate text more clear and readable. Can some one help me?
  11. W

    Creating infrared skin tones in Photoshop

    Hello all! I have a particular problem with a film shoot I am in R&D on at the moment. I need a few of my characters' skin tones to have an infrared quality to it, but want the rest of the scene to be in normal visible light. So it's literally only the skin that is infrared. See image for...
  12. B

    ''Decoding'' EXTREMLY badly visible number

    Hello, I am new here. Didn't have much luck on freelancer dot com website so i decided to try it on your forum. On the following page is my case: The image consist of two parts - upper and lower. Both parts are actually exactly the same, just...
  13. P

    Actions Making an action that ends displaying a channel mask in B/W mode?

    Hi guys! I've searched all over and can't find a way to do this. I've made an action that makes a channel mask for a curves layer, and the final item in the action is "Select mask channel" with the setting "Without Make Visible"... How do I have it make it visible instead?
  14. P

    Importing a person to be partly hidden and partly visible behind a tree

    Hello all, i have an image of a tree or shrub in Photoshop, and I would like to open an image of a person and import it into the tree image. The person would be behind the tree, so that some of the person would be visible where there are no leaves or branches, but some of the person would be...
  15. S

    PS CS4 - Animation/layer problem

    Hello there, I was trying to create an animation using Adobe Photoshop CS4 and everything was going alright, until I wanted to use a certain layer again in another frame. By moving it in this new frame, it also moved in a previous one, something which I didn't want to happen. I tried to look...