1. M

    Help with a poster design

    Hello Gurus, im hoping you guys can help me out with a present for a friend, i want to give him a poster with this kind of style: ->> But with these lyrics from Showtek: This is what I love.. And can't stop loving. Get wasted at parties, from nine 'till seven in the morning I live for the...
  2. S

    How the hell did i do that :$

    Hello... Im sure this would have popped up before, could someone help me on this image... and tell me how the hell did i do that ? The original image on the left and right image happened when i tried to paste another image side by side of the original. Also wanna know if there is a way to get...
  3. E

    Picture editing

    Hi Guys, I'm have to edit some pictures in photoshop, but I have no idea how to get the result I want. Hope someone here can help. I'm gonna post the picture i need to edit, and pictures to show want I want. First picture is my own picture. But I really wanna make the bridge more dark and...
  4. P

    How can I do this?

    Hi. I wanna polish the picture below. How can I do it? There are too many pages so I can't do it manually, I need some kind of method. Thanks.
  5. B

    Hair color change? Wanna dye my hair but not sure

    So I really wanna dye my hair but I'm not really wanting to spend a lot of money for an unsureness of me liking my hair color so if it's allowed can someone just change it to platinum blonde or any other color someone would think looks good on me....Please?
  6. M

    Please help Photoshop my nose!

    Hello! I'm looking for someone to Photoshop my nose to different styles please! I want to get an idea of which nose looks better on my face since I'm considering on getting derma fillers. Thanks so much! (P.s. I kinda wanna see what my nose would look like if I had one similar to Maia...
  7. C

    PS request. Xmas present for girlfriend! :)

    Hey guys, at first, i hope u understand my english :D I wanna do a self-written-book with a self-created book-cover. But now I need help from you, please. I dont have any PS skills. I wanna put this text on the front of my book-cover. it should not be too corny, because its for my 23 aged...
  8. D

    A very simple request { Please help }

    Hi.. well, I will be short. can you help me by adding some effects on one of these photos? I don't wanna make something sophisticated, but 2-3 effects, or in the background smth.. would be very good..
  9. E

    Logo soms

    Hello PSGS, I'm designing a logo for a brand called SOMS which means; ''Sometimes'' Its a clothing brand and I'll use your logos for inspiration.. wanna have a go? lets go! Here's what i've made.. Goodluck!
  10. G

    Motion Effect in Madden

    These effects are seriously sick. How do ea made it? I know they used motion blur on a duplicate layer and probably mask it and brush. I just wanna know how they bring out the shadows and make it black? Curves? https://www.easports.com/madden-nfl/news/2015/mut-position-rewards
  11. Sasha Norris McAllister

    Eyes are tough. Any Eye pro's out there?

    I'm nearly brand new to photoshop (started yesterday). I've spent about the last 12 hours watching tutorials and practicing with this picture, but their eyes are giving me the toughest time! I think the shapes and angles are off, and the lighting? I dont know, they look like they are dazed or...
  12. G

    Photoshop background problem

    Hello guys so im new to this forum cuz i have a problem .. i wanna use as background one texture but when i do my whole project gets like this .. can someone please help me ? and when i wanna use layer "black_textures" it looks like this .. please guys solution?