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  1. H

    Placing a range of images next to each other horizontally with no gaps

    Hi there! I made this image over the weekend, and I'm pretty proud of it. I plan to do this for more films, I have managed to automate the frame grabbing, the average colouring and the resizing, but im struggling to find a way for the photoshop to take each image and place exactly next to...
  2. N

    Please edit photo

    Hi all, I have attached a photo of me and my dad which I have recently found. I do not have many photos and it is probably my favourite of us ever. As you can see, there is permanant texta on the original. Any help would be greatly appreciated to remove this as fathers day is this weekend...
  3. C

    Request: May someone please outline the picture?

    Dear all, I would like to seek your expertise in outlining this picture (Picture 1). However, I only need the lady holding the leg, the male lying on the bed, and the table with its contents at the end of the bed. I have tried to do it myself but it is not as streamlined as what I wanted...
  4. S


    Hello Photoshop Gurus! Just wanted to say hello! Thanks for all the help :)
  5. M

    Creating Dots Similar to this Image

    Hey! I was wondering how to create a pattern like the dots on this van. I tried Googling it but couldn't find what I wanted. Basically I want the dots to go from thick to thin. Thanks
  6. N

    Can someone make this better?

    Can someone fill in the holes of this pictures? Don't know if it's possible, a friend wanted me to ask! Thanks
  7. A

    Drone aerial wetland creation

    Hi there, for my design project this semester I am proposing a wetland type area on a floodplain of a woodland, I am not such a newbie per say, but I'd love some thoughts on how to improve this visual I have created, because I wanted it to shown the wetland in winter, but as a result it looks...
  8. K

    Hi there, i'm kzOFFBEAT!

    Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself a little. My name is Mattias (kzOFFBEAT), I come from Sweden and i've been working with photoshop for almost 6 years, but were away for 2 years in between. I love photo manipulations and clean compositions the most but have a pretty good all around...
  9. A

    Valentines day gift (photoshop a paper)

    Hi everyone, Could you please photoshop a paper in my left hand that reads Tina (so it can clearly be seen). It's my gf favourite photo of me and I wanted to combine it with something to get a if someone can do above mentioned pm me for a pic. I would pay with paypal
  10. U

    How to make picture fading away ?

    Hello folks. Today I wanted to create a picture for Burzum album. And I was about to look like this: Buut, I wanted to put some fading effects just like in this picture: Can you recognize those fading effects like raining or so... ? Well, I wanted to ask you exactly that. How to...
  11. C

    HELP: How do they accomplish this with the photos?

    Hello all! I am new to Photoshop Gurus, although I have check out stuff on your site before for various projects...always good stuff!! Just wanted to reach out and check in and see how they might accomplish this with the photos they used: Thanks for the help! Cheers!
  12. D

    Hi from the UK

    Hello everyone. Just wanted to introduce myself...
  13. E

    Portrait Retouch Before/After

    A little before and after retouch of a friend's portrait. Before He wanted to look a little skinnier.
  14. Markie Jordan-Madden

    Hello, New Here & to PS!

    Hello everyone! My name is Markie, and I'm an author and publisher. This means I'm also a cover designer! I learned how to build book covers by layering with the use of a free software called Paint Dot Net. When I got really good at it and realized it didn't quite have everything I needed, I...
  15. M

    How to make color clouds (was: Textured Gradient Help)

    Hey guys Just wondering if anyone could tell me how to recreate something similar to what I have attatched. Making gradients is easy, but I wanted to create something that had some sort of texture. Thanks in advance Max
  16. S

    Ello guys.

    Been a while since I did one of these. Hey, I guess. Name is Chris, I'm Norwegian and I'm a 10-odd year Photoshop veteran. Used to be active on forums back in the day (InterfaceUniversity, GUIstation... Anyone? no?) as well as deviantart, but I haven't really involved myself much in the...
  17. D

    How do I go about creating an image of this same style?

    Wanted to make my own so I could make it a big print for my house.
  18. K

    All I wanted to do was design an invitation now I'm hooked!

    Hello everyone. I'm new to photoshop and it looks like this is a good place to gather knowledge and get help. I wanted to design an invitation to my 40th birthday party and I had previously purchased photoshop for my husband (which he never used) so I figured I'd give it a try. Now I can't get...
  19. Y

    New here, hi

    Hi everyone, New here. Just wanted to say hello. :)
  20. R

    livery/ skin - creation for racing vehicle

    dear all, I am a complete newbie, but i have managed to learn step by step, and i usually don't immediately ask or post or go to someone for help. this is something special though i am creating, for a brother/ dedication piece to a brother in arms, who lost his life overseas this summer. (he...