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  1. L

    Post Processing Wrong White Balance Created Green Photos

    I either forgot to change the white balance or had some setting on my camera wrong and all of the outdoor photos will the mountains in the background came out with a green wash. I only have limited experience with color editing in Photoshop and Lightroom so I've not been able to figure out how...
  2. N

    Paid Fix hair

    Please fix my hair in these photos. I’ll pay $20 for all edits. The front pieces of my hair are frizzy and awkward. Can someone smooth them out somehow, or make more curls, or get rid of them altogether.
  3. S

    Specific Make my cleavage less noticeable

    I obviously wore the wrong dress for this photo lol. Please make my cleavage less noticeable - I’m on the left. Any way at all is appreciated.
  4. G

    Specific Please remove double chin 2

    Hi everyone! Would anyone be able to remove my double chin? Thank you so much!
  5. G

    Specific Remove double chin

    Hi everyone! Would anyone be able to remove my double chin? Thank you so much!
  6. G

    Specific Remove my veil

    Could anyone please edit my veil out of the picture? Thank you so much!
  7. M

    Specific Photoshop these two kissing?

    Hello! I need an edit. Can someone see if they can photoshop these two actually kissing for their first kiss? Please?! Thanks in advance. :) Mod edit: Links removed. Image was not too large to upload. Please read rules.
  8. N

    Paid Insert photo of us dancing on the bridge

    Can someone insert the picture of me and my husband dancing on the bridge in the other picture and take away us just standing there? Bridge Photo Dancing Photo
  9. N

    Paid Remove Person Holding Phone From Wedding Ceremony

    Can someone please remove my dad's girlfriend who is taking a photo in front of me and my dad? I included the link to the image.
  10. C

    Specific Can someone very clever please adjust the veil in my wedding photo

    Hi, I’m just wondering if anyone was able to edit one of these photos and change the veil so that it goes across the image like the forth/fifth attached image. I wish I had have got some of these on our wedding day but due to the continuous rain i just didn’t even think to do it and I really...
  11. A

    Specific Creative Danger Wedding Photo

    Hello all, When my partner and I got married almost five years ago we took some "fun" photos with the plan that my partner would edit them to make them fun. The plan was to add things like the loch ness monster, dragons, king kong, or dinosaurs in the lake area - make it look like we are...
  12. S

    Specific Engagement cake

    Hey guys, i am hopefully getting engaged this summer and for that occasion, i want to buy an engagement cake. Now we like the cake i just posted but we find it somewhat empty. That's why i want to ask the bakery for a slight variation of the cake. I want this cake but the first layer (the first...
  13. notlila

    Specific [SPECIFIC] Photoshop request - bills for 50th wedding anniversary

    Hello world, I come to you with a request to put my grandparents faces on a 50 zl bill from 70's that is no longer valid (they got married in 1968). It's their 50th wedding anniversary and we want to use the bills as a fake currency for guests at their anniversary party. You can find the...
  14. C

    Specific Wedding Photo Help

    Hi There, I have been recommended your forum by my sister, who you really helped out last year with her wedding photos. Unfortunately, the group photos of me, my groom and his family at our wedding did not come out. We have a photo of us and my sister-in-law, and a photo of us with my father &...
  15. B

    Specific Groomsman and wife ruined our wedding picture

    Hello! I would like to please put in a request for the linked picture from my wedding. It's one of our favorites from that day because it has every guest in it, and the only one like it we have, but unfortunately one of the groomsmen and his wife thought it would be funny to ruin the picture by...
  16. K

    Creative Wedding photos

    Hello to gurus, my wife and I will be celebrating third anniversary and the photos we taken are not nice and I want to print them and send them to my parents. I am request if someone can make the photos look so nice with better background like a waterfall or a mountain, with light effects and...
  17. V

    Remove guest from wedding photos (Please)

    Hi, I have never used anything like this before but was recommended this forum by a friend. Last month we got married, We had a lovely day apart from the fact my "sister in law" and her friends decided they had fallen out with us (for some reason we are yet to be told). They spent the whole day...
  18. R

    Hi, is there any hope of fixing this pic to make it look better?

    Hi, pic is 14 years old and it's one of my favorites of my wedding rehearsal but it looks so bad. Is there any hope of making it look any better?
  19. Q

    Remove reflections/blur wedding photo: Difficult

    Hi all. I only have a couple of photos of my husband and I from my brother's wedding and one has a lot of reflections/blur. If possible can the light issues be resolved (especially on my husband), and if the other people dancing on the right and the man in the mirror could be too that would be...
  20. R

    Wedding photo

    Hi, my husband and I will be celebrating 14 year anniversary and looking back every wedding picture we have is horrible. I'm either looking the other way, hes not smiling, I'm looking closed eye, he's smiling... etc. I found a pic where I the bride look decent and him the groom look decent. Is...