white balance

  1. blasteralfred

    Refining a pictue

    Hi friends, I am attaching two pictures of same bird. In the first pic (bird1.jpg), the features I noticed are; Color of the beak Purplish tint on the wings Pleasant yellow color behind head Green colour of the leaf In the second pic (bird2.jpg), all the above mentioned features are...
  2. Ross

    Reverse Engineer Anyone's Color Grade in Photoshop

    All you need to do is 'degrade' the source image using the curves adjustment layer, and then duplicate that curves layer, but invert the input/output numbers of the points created. It's all outlined better in the video below!
  3. S

    Matching paper and line color on graphite drawings

    Hi Everyone! I'm having a slight problem matching the paper on a number of drawings done on the same paper with the same graphite. I intend to have these screen printed and while it'd be ideal to mask out the paper, the detailed nature of the drawings does not allow me to do so. Here's my...
  4. D

    Hello white balance question setting white balance in CS5 without using ACR

    Just an old photographer trying to keep up. setting white balance in CS5 without using ACR I know how to set White Balance using ACR, And how to get a .jpg into ACR. I prefer the one click in...