1. O

    Specific Fix a photo taken through an airplane window

    This photo was taken through an airplane window. I'd like to make 2 fixes: 1. Remove the reflection on its upper right side. 2. Remove the fingerprints visible on the lower half of the airplane window. Also, it would be awesome if you can share how you did your magic!
  2. T

    Please clean up window reflection

    Hi there! Please assist me with this photo by cleaning up window reflection. (mainly removing the people) It's just a little distracting. Many thanks!!
  3. M

    No awnings

    We would like to see what the house would look like without the window awnings (but the front porch awning needs to stay)
  4. DaringSerenity

    Photoshop issue with left-aligned Windows 8 taskbar

    I set up my windows theme with the idea of a left-aligned taskbar in mind. I've arranged everything around this and would very much like to keep it. Unfortunately, Photoshop (I have CS6 Extended) seems to have taken issue with this decision, and has decided to take measures to drive me crazy xD...
  5. Y

    Clicking on animation frame no longer shows the visible layer in my layers window.

    Using photoshop CS3 Been working with animation lately. When I first started animating in PS, whenever I clicked on a frame of animation in the animation window, I could look at my layers window and see that only the layer that corresponded to the frame of animation was toggled visible, the...
  6. J

    Invisible filters

    Hi I have used a few filters on the layer. I would like to see them in the layers window as shown in this picture. How to do it? Regards
  7. L

    Cutting backgrounds out of a video

    I have a video of a window with trees moving outside. You can see the wall that the window is on and I want to cut the wall out of the video. How can I do this? I basically want to crop the video so it only shows the window and not the wall.
  8. D

    Replacing only part of a background

    Hello. I have a photo that was shot partially in front of a window. I want to replace the window with a neutral shade such as the table the product is sitting on or the right side wall I know that if I select a portion of the right tan wall then free transform and drag to the left it will extend...
  9. D

    How to cut bacground from behind car window?

    Hi, I need remove background from a photo of a car. This is some kind of a qick job since the guy who is doing it is getting 1€ per photo (to shoot it and deliver). I tired everything but this is out of my scope.. Removing the background around the car is easy offcourse, but how to remove it...
  10. D

    window effect

    If I wanted to place a photo of a person in one of the windows and make it look like the person is actually behind the window (outside of the room) and not just pasted onto the photo, is there a way that can be done to make it look as realistic as possible?
  11. A

    Bird image

    Hi all I took this image of a bird which hit my office window. Sad for the bird because it can't have survived this - although I suspect that a local fox got a meal. If you look you can see that there is quite a lot of detail in the image. I was thinking that it should be possible to isolate...
  12. B

    Resizing a single image among many?

    Hi, I'm using Photoshop CS6, and I was wondering if there was a way to resize a SINGLE image when you have more than one image in the same window? This can easily be done when there's only one image in the window. You just have to choose the Rectangular Marquee Tool to highlight the single...
  13. T

    Can Someone Please Remove The Window In This Photo?

    I wanna remove the window so it is the wall instead of the window, I know it may be hard because the photo is low resolution, would really appreciate it if someone can try.
  14. J

    super easy photoshop request

    I was just wondering if someone can shop the propellor out of this picture, the black thing in the middle of the window. any help is greatly appreciated :-)
  15. A

    CS6 - Where has my adjustment curves window gone!?

    Hey everyone - long time PS junkie, first time PSG visitor. I apologize for the bombastic questioning at the freshman mixer, and promise to keep the questions in the questioning forum from now on ;) But, while we're here... Upgraded my software, and now a menu seems to have gone awol... I...
  16. A

    How to Add Window Effect to Any Image?

    Does anybody know how to add an effect to an image in order to make it appear as if you're looking at something outside of a window? Like the one below?
  17. C

    Storing sizes, locations, etsc.

    I have searched the registry with no luck. Where does PS store window sizes, locations, etc?
  18. C

    Get back the clone stamp circle

    Once I have set a source for my clone stamp in window A, stamped it in window B, how do I go back to window A to get a different spot without showing the current source image? I just want the circle that shows me exactly what I am picking up, so I think I want to reset the source to...
  19. Y

    Illustrator problem in info window and pathfinder window?

    Hi friends i have 2 problems.first do not show dimensions in info window. second merge layers in pathfinder window. First: second: after merging thank you very much.
  20. B

    Future of the Internet

    Let us hope this isn't how it turns out (we're pretty much there already?)Let me know what you think of this image.