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  1. L

    Specific Snow Edit!

    Please could someone clean up the path on the left hand side so its prettier like the on right of the path and it’s all white down the path instead of seeeing the melted snow/ground showing through on the left? Don’t mind seeing some footsteps. Throughout to make it look authentic. Mod edit...
  2. Walshie1987

    Creative Would love to see what you can do with this....

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and photography in general. It's something I was never into until recently, but I've always used photoshop to make slight changes to images. What I have always been into is Airplanes / Drones and anything else that flies! Recently I won a new DJI Mini 2 drone...
  3. KamiYama

    Specific Can someone change color

    Can someone change the color of the coat and hat to black please, I would the boots to be left white of possible
  4. D

    "Winterising" people in a Winter picture

    So, I have a Winter landscape and I'm pasting a couple of pictures of people into it. The problem is that the pictures of the people were taken in Summer and we look in very rude health, bright and ruddy. I know how to "winterise" a landscape, i.e.: make a Summer landscape look like Winter, but...
  5. A

    Drone aerial wetland creation

    Hi there, for my design project this semester I am proposing a wetland type area on a floodplain of a woodland, I am not such a newbie per say, but I'd love some thoughts on how to improve this visual I have created, because I wanted it to shown the wetland in winter, but as a result it looks...
  6. L

    Hi I'm Lidewij

    Hey guys, my name is Lidewij, I have started a blog focusing on nature travel and volunteering opportunities which I am super excited about. I have taken lots of great photos especially last winter in Bolivia, but have hardly any Photoshop skills! I'm constantly running into issues so I am...
  7. Eggy

    The Life Cycle

    Its been a very long time I did a composite. Well today I started with and the persons to get two versions. Pick the one you like most you know, left side spring and youth, the right side winter and old(er)... Please do comment.
  8. C

    Winter Scene

    Hello everyone! I'm asking out with some help on making this LEGO Scene look more like winter. It would be nice if the green baseplate was white and the road was partially winterized. Perhaps also some white on the trees? Just think of a typical beautiful winter in the country! This scene is at...
  9. dv8_fx

    Challenge 33 SUBMISSION THREAD - Winter Without Snow (Advanced)

    OK, folks.... upload your entries here. Please keep this thread clear of comments. You can engage in banter and hold discussions regarding the submissions in the Challenge Announcement thread ... Challenge 33 - Winter Without Snow (Advanced) Contest submission ends on Tuesday 19th January at...
  10. Helios

    Challenge 33 - Winter Without Snow (Advanced)

    First of all, thank you once again for choosing me as the winner of challenge 32. I must say it is difficult to top a theme as cool as 'Tube World', especially as I've never had to think of one before, so I hope this gets everyone's creativity on the go. Here in the northern hemisphere, winter...
  11. Paul

    Anyone know what this might be?

    Found it dead in the pool earlier while doing a winter clean, 70mm long. :pimp:
  12. G

    Winter fairy

    This is my first post. Hope you like her.
  13. Paul

    Garden butterfly in mid winter

    I captured this bute this morning, on my lovely little cheap camera, i like it.