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Please could someone clean up the path on the left hand side so its prettier like the on right of the path and it’s all white down the path instead of seeeing the melted snow/ground showing through on the left? Don’t mind seeing some footsteps. Throughout to make it look authentic. E513065C-0250-4462-9F84-214B2A8558D0.jpeg

Mod edit: One image per edit please.
Hi Everyone,

I think becuase I uploaded a version I had already editted, some of the colours have gone a little bit extreme (there are blues that look sort of fake in the trees which is my fault!). Would someone be willing do this again on the orginal file which I'm attaching here?

Would also be great to add some more snow closer to the people at the end of the path, I didnt mention that in my inital request so the whole path looks snowy and wonderful.

thank you so much, really appreciate your help and HNY!

Snow Original File.jpg
Do you want the image to have the blue color cast? Here is a "corrected" version where the snow is white. I also boosted the saturation so that the wooden fence posts stand out a bit.

Personally, I think the image you just posted is too blue, but maybe you don't want to go all the way to pure white. It can be made something inbetween by laying my image above yours, and then reducing the opacity of mine down to 50% (or whatever).

Since we're starting over on this, now's a good time to agree on the amount of blueness.

(By the way... any of the edits above that were already done can be color adjusted, as well.)

Snow Color Adjust.jpg
Am editing this and want to know what you think about this? I want it to look really epic without looking fake! I tinted the image to look more grand and brightened it up but perhaps went too far on the blue? Interested in your expert opinion.