1. MrToM

    [Solved] PS CC 2014 Load Files into Stack...

    Its probably me again but the 'Load Files into Stack...' script in PS CC 2014 doesn't seem to want to play. [ With no document open and loading a list of 5 images ] I get two documents created, one with just the last file in the list opened and the other with a blank layer, the same image as...
  2. A

    Program that works WITH photoshop

    We're looking for an online program, which I forget the name of. It works with Photoshop to perform a variety of tasks. It was rated one of the top programs like it. All I can remember is that it may have had an animal in its name. But it definitely had a yellow background on the website. It's...
  3. Z

    Just to explain how this internet thing works

    Right hello people. :D because i am being schooled at home for a while instead of actually being in school, Mum has stopped me using the Internet from 8.00AM-4.00PM GMT any time before 8 the Internet is ON and anytime after 4 the Internet is turned back ON just that 8AM to 4PM segment in...
  4. Z

    two new works

    i'm rather pleased with how these turned out, it started off as following a tutorial for some waking up photoshopping, then i stopped halfway and decided i liked it (the flower one) so i did the same effect in the dragon one and added some fire behind it. C&C, as always, is welcome
  5. Gabriele

    Some of my works

    hi, I want to show u some of my works and comments are appreciated!! :thumbsup: ps: tell me if images must be resize
  6. T

    I need works

    hi i am good experience photoshop, logo, i am daily works 12-15 hrs works. can you help me?
  7. Vafann

    IE9 works now

    Hi! I clicked on the compatibility thing at the top of the page and now I can upload pictures with IE9 :) Thank you for your help! / Vafann