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  1. E

    Screen effect on CMYK

    i made a lens flare effect on black layer and choose screen effect but it doesnt work well on CMYK file as it works great on RGB. any other ways to do this?
  2. IamSam


    This is a thread started after I made some comments on feedback and critiques in a recent thread......... This response was made after a long time period where I had noticed that there only seemed to be a handful of members that were offering (solicited)...
  3. M

    Photoshop CS6 Bridge is freezing, even after reinstall

    I recently had a Windows 10 update and my computer crashed immediately after. My tech guy got it going again (corrupt file) and everything seems to work just fine EXCEPT Bridge. The Photoshop side seems to work fine except when I start it up, it now opens a NEW DOCUMENT window every time, but...
  4. Z

    Smoothing/correcting Edges on Shapes/objects

    Hi there I've made a design but unfortunately the shapes I made have terrible wiggly lines and are a little bit pixelated. I've searched and went through a few fixes but unfortunately I've not found one that works yet. any insight into this would be greatly appreciated!
  5. W

    shorten my nails pleaseee

    Im asking is for someone to please make my nails look much shorter. Pleaseeee, thank you.
  6. MrToM

    Is It Just Me..? #7 CC 2015.5 & 2017.0

    Yet another one... Stroking a path with the 'Quick Selection' tool... To replicate: 1. Open an image...anything will do. 2. Set 'Quick Selection' tool to 'New Selection', 'Sample All Layers' and 'Auto - Enhance'. 3. Add a new blank layer. 4. Create a closed path by whatever means you...
  7. Sir-Adrian Mwangudza

    Movie Poster Creation.

    Testing My skills at movie poster creation.Let me know where I can improve and if possible post samples of works you've done in relation to this.
  8. ZeroCool22

    Great web with high quality photoshop works. it's more humoristic a like, but there are great quality works, also some tutorials and contests.
  9. BenceDusa

    Hello there.

    Hello guys! A'am verry happy to be a member of this Photoshop forum. I live in Cyprus but am from Hungary. I using photoshop since 2014, but i need to learn more and more, actually on this 2 year almost i learn nothing, because i just use for very small works, but now i want to get my skill a...
  10. IamSam

    Colorize Me! Photo 1

    I have been meaning to start this thread for some time now, but have just fallen behind. My day job is keeping me very busy lately. Since the subject has been brought up by revnart, I thought now would be as good a time as any to get it started. Anyway, this is for everyone to participate in...
  11. ZeroCool22

    Photoshop CC 2015.5.0 Smart Radius Undo BUG?

    Photoshop CC 2015.5.0 Radius Undo BUG? When i use brush for undo the radius action, this don't back how it was before in a perfect way, it comes with a imperfection/distortion on it. In Photoshop CC 2015.v16.0 it works like should be. Watch the short video (in HD), for understand what i mean:
  12. L

    Sometimes stroke produces outline, sometimes not.

    I like a 4-pixel black rule around photographs. Unfortunately, I don't always get one. Here are the settings in the stroke dialog box: 1. Select/highlight the background layer. 2. Press CTRL+A. 3. Go to Edit>Stroke 4. Set width to 4 pixels. 5. Foreground color is black. 6. Location is INSIDE...
  13. Bane

    Huge Showcase

    Hi! I was on here about 2 years ago and posted a showcase. Since then I've been busy with other things but these are some more of my recent works. Had a lot of fun making them! :)
  14. Paul

    Scrubby zoom playing up?

    Works one minute then only + and - zoom options are available, anyone?
  15. Paul

    Taking night shots.

    Having some issues with night shots stars especially. I have the camera set to BULB and the camera will not make a decision on firing? I have a small Nikon coolpix and it works in darkness without any issues (ok the flash fires but thats just how the camera deals with it), but my Nikon DLSR does...
  16. K

    Red eye removal

    When I photograph certain species of spiders sometimes there's a weird reflection in one or both eyes. I guess it's the equivalent of "red eye" in humans. I tried using the Red Eye tool on the image below and it works ok, but it's not perfect. Is there a better way to remove that distracting red...
  17. A

    Hi there! :)

    Hi there! I am new here... I am Ahsan.... I am from Pakistan These are some of my works
  18. L

    My latest tags

    Hello everyone! :) I'm new here and I haven't quite understood if there are many tagmakers in this community. Well anyways I hadn't made a tag for over 3 years, but in this period I fell like I'm really into it again! So I'm posting my two new works, comments/feedback/critiques are very...
  19. D

    Hi guys

    Hi guys, I'm starting to learn to use adobe programs :cheesygrin: I hope to find an help for my works on this forum .
  20. T

    Deckled edge

    I wanted to add a deckled edge to a photograph to give it the appearance of an old print. There are a zillion tutorials online on how to do this that show several different methods. I chose one that works, but I wonder what is your favorite in CS 2014?