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  1. A

    I need someone to Photoshop this, please.

    Can some please get rid of the fake looking pistol and put in a realistic looking one and get rid of the yellow background?
  2. K


    I'd like to get someone to make my truck look like one from the movie Cars, for my boy. Similar to the one in yellow.
  3. K

    Colours change

    Hello, can someone please change the background of this photo in black simple and the text with a goldish yellow style maybe something like
  4. N

    change the Color of a Logo

    Hello Guys... Can someone help me please? I want to change the Color of this Logo Can some one Replace the Black Color with Yellow Color , and The White Color with Red Color Please?? so I want to change the color of this Logo from Black and White To Yellow and Red Black ==> Yellow White ==>...
  5. P

    Help with a yellow removal from a black and white photo

    Hi all I am not a newbie as such but due to lifes trials its been a long while since I have had the chance to do anything with ps. I am terrible at remembering things if I dont do them constantly and I cannot remember this I have been asked if I can do anything with this photo and its the...
  6. agentmoeller

    A Clockwork Yellow

    Latest mashup...
  7. S

    Need some coloring help....

    Hi all! Just posted a thread yesterday and learned how to create a ribbed glass I just need to figure out how to the coloring I want! Here's a picture of what I have so far.... I'm doing a painting series...the first painting is based off of this image, so I want to have a...
  8. G

    Color Effect on Starburst

    Would anyone teach me how the yellow blends so well with the blue on the streaky starburst? I know how to make the starburst...But when I try to replicate the effect, the yellow and blue doesnt pop out and it looks bland and really soft
  9. R

    help with color change

    Hey, I'm new to photoshop and i need some help with a project. I have to change the colour of the liquid from the glasses.from blue to yellow. Any suggestions on how to do that? Thank you!
  10. R

    Help with Clan Logo.

    Hello, I would like to see if anyone is kind enough to just spare a tiny bit of their time to make a nice clan logo for me, I would definitely like it to look like this one: ( My one...
  11. V

    3D 3D Layer Corrupted?

    Hello, I'm dabbling with 3D for the first time and have extruded and manipulated two layers so far. Both layers have an open eye to indicate visibility, but only one layer is visible. If I select my "Muffs" layer, I can see various options displayed in the properties palette and also in the 3D...
  12. K

    How to create yellow brick road

    Hello, I want to create the replica of the Yellow Brick Road from the Wizard of the Oz. more like this: I want red part to be relatively slimmer than the yellow part. I already tried to create a spiral from pattern tools...
  13. D

    Printing Graphics onto T-Shirt

    I am planning to print this attached graphic onto a tshirt on the front pocket area as a logo. When I put this logo onto the template and begin to pull the handles out to increase the size the image and text seems to pixilate and look somewhat poor. Any help keeping the text and graphic sharp...
  14. G

    Pencil tool doesn't fill in the color, only add to it

    So when I used my pencil tool and the opacity is set to 100%, I click at a place and it only adds a light amount of that color. For example, on a yellow surface and I pick red as the foreground color, when I click the pencil tool to the yellow surface, it looks like light red mixed with yellow...
  15. S

    dark yellow shadows

    I don't know how to lighten these dark yellow shadows by the faces and in the hair of the brunette girl on the left. I've tried shadows/highlights and other lightening tools, but I can't get them to look real and a lot lighter.
  16. 1

    Blending black outline of an image into a yellow background

    I'm creating a logo for my local First Robotics team and I need some assistance. I created a light blast effect on a black background and due to difficulties I was unable to change the black to yellow without completely distorting the picture. I eventually used the magic wand tool to copy the...
  17. K

    Photoshop Request-Fixing Yellow Eyes

    Is this even fixable? I have been trying to fix my dogs yellow eye look. I can not figure it out because the whole eye turned yellow in the photo not just the pupil. (He always looks so serious...he's a big clown lol.) Sooo... if anyone could please please please help me out. I have included...
  18. Jerahmeel Liong


    i've come back from a long time from photoshop.. last time i used PS when twas PS7.0 :) i have CS5extended :D