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Abandon Lab Re Visited .

Thanks all, yes Chris, its 3d objects intergrated with textures, some painted dirt/grime and smoke, some images and all colour corrected ( i think ). I think I could have paid more attention to the atmosphere and maybe added some Alien artifacts or something, I was going to take more time and destroy some of the building. maybe add a hole in the roof ect, but to be honest got no time at the moment to do it.
Just leave it as it is...it looks great!
I wish I would see more 'artwork' like yours in this forum.
It's a pity no-one wants to be creative anymore.
Thanks Chris, I don't seem to have much time on my hands at the moment, haven't for a while now realy, I should try and get more more done and get back hear when i can, I have always found this forum freindly and welcoming, I have also always got great advice here. Just a pity I can give it myself, don't have the experiance enough on cirtain things.