adobe photoshop cs5 has stopped working(doesn't work with windows 7)

Hi everyone

My Photoshop doesn't work with windows 7 and I don't want to Change My Windows..
I Installed Version 8 and Cs5 but both of them doesn't work.
To See Error,Search in "Google Images" The Subject of this Topic.NOT Parentheses.

please guide me.

CS5 does work with Windows 7, both 32 and 63 bit. You said it stopped working, was it installed before and has now stopped working? Or is this a new install?
Thanks For Replying.
Yes I know both 32 and 63 bit Work With Windows 7 But Now In My Windows doesn't work.
Before It Worked But Now doesn't work and I Installed And Uninstalled alot,I don`t Know Why It doesn't work.:idea: