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Advice on Eliminating Person From Photo?


Duplicate the edited version.
Convert one to a Smart Object. (Why? So we can edit the blur anytime we wish!)
Add a Smart Gaussian Blur Filter
Use the SO's layer mask and the Brush Tool to bring back the focus or subject..............In this case the lead runner.

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View attachment 135542
Great advice, that would have been one of my choices. My second suggestion would be to change the background by removing people, bus, and fence, and create a grassy field with a dark wall, and then blur.


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My neighbor wants to have a photo of their nephew edited. I told them I would try and help.

They want the second person removed from the photo. I've attached here how I did it using mostly the clone stamp tool. Can you guys maybe give me an idea on how I can do this better?

Any thought would be most appreciated!

Hi! You can also use AI:

I'm attaching quick sample

DALL·E 2023-03-14 23.34.49 - runner's competition photo.png