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Android app for adding text on photographs


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PS:I did not know where to post this question since i could not find a mobile platform related section so im putting it here. And since now Photoshop has branched out to mobile platforms as well may be its time to have one? :)

Anyways.. Im a photography enthusiast and i like to do a little bit of photography even when i dont have my DSLR with me, be it some instagramming or even just for my own personal collection using my phone. I have a few favourites for editing photographs but ive been wanting to add text to some of those photos i clicked every once in a while but i couldnt find a proper android app that gives me good features or options to do this well.

So wanted to know if anyone out here do this type of thing or is it just me? :) If you do please share what applications you use or if you have any favourites etc.