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Specific Another B&W to Colour + Remove Child


So following up on my last thread on the forum here, my dad was super stoked with the results and urged me to do one for him. Yes yes, I tried to explain to him I didn't colourize the pictures myself. But ya.
So here's another photo from the 70s - dad was in his early 30s.

Request: Colourized, remove child, make it more like a portrait. Dad is also of East Asian descent (Chinese to be exact) but my dad is super white/pale/light skin - whatever is politically correct these days. His skin tone is lighter than all our Caucasians neighbours and almost borderline albino but not.

Thanks in advance guys! =)

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Hey Argos! this is amazing! however, may I ask to have the glare from the glasses to be removed?
and perhaps give his shirt some patterns? like parsley or floral? something 70s? funky? diskoteque? (is that even the right word lol)
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Argos: You nailed it! I showed my dad the picture and he said he did, in fact, have a similar shirt back then!
Gary: Thank you! he looks like a successful banker in HK movies from the 70s/80s!

Much kudos to y'all!