Banner Request for my Website.

Hello, I'm here to request from a good graphics designer to a professional graphics designer on a free banner I will be requesting with the details down below. This banner will be used for my forums and or my website. It will be more than likely used on my website. For those that try or complete this I will thank you and it will be very much appreciated.

Text : EvolutionX

Colors : White/Cyan.. (Bright Colors)

Style: Transparent

Size : 300x120

Website is about gaming. So something like a Controller? Maybe even a Sword? Not sure, It's about gaming related things. Such as those computer games most people play like "Runescape", "World of Warcraft" "Combat Arms", etc... I only need this banner for the Website.

Design/Effect: Anything as long as it's very attractive for an banner like the one currently used on this website. I know i'm not providing much detail to give you a specific explanation but I'd love to see the out come. I will more than likely use your design. Thank you very much, in advance.
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