Can Anyone Help me With A Logo


was wondering if somebody can make me a logo like this that says xE linked together like Optic Gaming.I want the letters like that, but I want the x black and the E Blue I would like them to also be metallic too.
i have had a few trys but am not so good with Photoshop and nothing looks to good if anyone could help would be great full.
Be patient. We are a Photoshop support and discussion group. Members will doubtless come by to give you tips on how to crete these effects in your copy of Photoshop or similar program such as GIMP. Here is a link by one of our members, Zeealex, which will point you to free alternatives.

If you are not a PS user and have no desire to be, but are simply asking for a free request, then by all means do so and do not make yourself out to be a PS user who is having issues, or all you will get is free advice!! :rolleyes:

It is the choice of our members to do freebies when they want to. Someone may have some spare time or the desire to work on your request. :mrgreen:
Obviously find the correct/suitable font. With this type of 'merging' I mess with opacity until I am happy with how I want them to merge. Then select any area's of the letters I want to hide etc, I use the pen tool to make my curved selections (Saving the selection for later in the process Select>Save Selection)

Once you are happy with how it looks, go into layer styles. Add textures/bevels etc then copy layer styles and paste it into the other layer. Use the guides to keep everything level and masks to 'go back' should you need to.