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Can't find old images or metadata when I do


Several of my images of my inventions have been distributed to web sites that are using them to sell copies of my inventions. I have a copyright attorney who needs the meta data on three of the images. I suspect they were worked on and may well live on my Mac Pro which I shut down in 2013.

It is on again with the use of a firewire cable. I have been going through it as best I can, but it is fraught with problems since doing a search for image, or psd or any other file is not resulting in images.

I spoke with an Apple senior advisor at some length today and he could not really help. We did the best we could to go through the Mac Pro. It did not produce very many images. We searched for the different years, psd, year and psd. jpg, png... nothing I can use.

And... even if anyone can help me find them I don't know how to get to the metadata. I need to prove (to only one endlessly problematic evil and despicable woman) that these are my images. Hw has been a thorn in my side since the first day I sold my products to her.

Can anyone help me?

The Mac Pro appears as an external drive on my Mac Mini desktop. I don't think any of the ORIGINAL images are on it... but if you have a better way to search other than 'image' I would be grateful for the help.

Thank you very much,
I'm not a Mac user, but I found this by searching.

You can try typing the following into Spotlight search:


You could also try the following:


Of course, if you know the names of the image files you need it may be easier to search for them by name. I assume from your question you do not know the file names of the images you need to find, so searching by type may be your best bet.