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  1. D

    Copy all paths from JPEG and paste them into a PSD?

    Hi All, I have been searching around for this and I thought it would have been a common request. I have hundreds of JPEGs in a folder called 'JPEGs' and identical PSDs in a folder called 'PSDs'. I have sent out the JPEGs for pathing and I want to bring the paths from the JPEGs into the PSDs...
  2. Z

    How to create this Font effect

    I wanted to add this exactly same font to my gif in photoshop but Im just a newbie. I need to know how to do this effect so I can write what I want. This is the pic and the font effect I want.
  3. F

    Free Instagram PSD Templates

    This list will easy the process of finding the best Instagram templates. You can use these templates to create awesomely cool looking photos. 20 Free Instagram PSD Templates
  4. E

    photoshop file

    I have a corrupted photoshop file. Please respond who can actually help. The file size is 288 MB with 400 layers, just do not count, once. When you view a file using other software that allows you to view PSD files, only the preview image and the file size are displayed. In addition, I...
  5. M

    Tragic Wedding mistake PART II

    Hey Guys! You did such a fantastic job on the last request of mine that I'm reaching out one more time. If someone could edit these photos the same way as this example below I would be eternally grateful!! Or better yet teach me how to do it so I don't have to keep asking for your help...
  6. starbird

    Can't find old images or metadata when I do

    Several of my images of my inventions have been distributed to web sites that are using them to sell copies of my inventions. I have a copyright attorney who needs the meta data on three of the images. I suspect they were worked on and may well live on my Mac Pro which I shut down in 2013. It...
  7. C

    Issue saving PSD as PDF

    Whenever I save my PSD file as a PDF (see below for links), the bottom 6 bullets on the 1st job title listed do not save on the PDF. Any ideas as to why this would happen and how to fix it? PSD File: PDF File...
  8. M

    Help required.

    Hi Guys. Just wondering could anyone have the time to make me something similar to this image I don't need any images or graphics in the Pic. I just want to recreate the curved line effect if possible. I've tried recreating using the pen tool but my Photoshop knowledge is not that great...
  9. R

    Need to remove carpet and reflection

    So I forgot to remove carpet before taking pictures.. Can you remove it together with the reflection of it? Psd file :
  10. P

    Hoe to make faded effects?

    Hi Gurus its my first request in here .Am attaching an image and i would like to know how to achieve that effect. Am also attaching my own effort so far .So please guide me through.Thanks Ok on the above attached image how to make the image blurred or faded at the left hand side of it.Am...
  11. E

    TIFF vs PSD?

    What is the best format to save working files? I usually save all my working files as a PSD but I have been reading around and so many articles say that TIFF is the new way to go. How true is that and how much is it really better than PSD? I know that quality wise TIFF is brilliant for...
  12. A

    How do I convert the psd. files to png?

    Hey! I have a problem. I have several hundred photos which I would like to convert from psd. to png. I have done the Action part, where: 1. I create an action 2. I open the psd. file 3. I edit the necessary (image size only) 4. I save the psd. file to png. 5. I go to automate folder -> Batch...
  13. B

    how to achive thsi effect? is it brush work ??

    how to achive thsi effect? is it brush work ?? What its actually doing is its giving a hallow effect on the images like a vignette effect.Very cool one.Is it wrbus work or any other plugins or any other techniques used ? Gurus please give a tutorial on it. Actually i found it on a psd and i...
  14. P

    Need a red filter for photos

    Hey guys, i found this picture on the web and i like the effect that it has. This red filter of it. The problem is that i do not know how to get this "Effect". Cause i would like to use a nother image with this effect. Is it possible to get a psd file where i can just put me pictures into and...
  15. A

    My new design

    My new design. Enjoy
  16. C

    Annoying Hotspot

    New user here. HI! :) I'm still a complete novice with Photoshop despite having had it nearly a year. I have a photo which I need help with. There's a huge hotspot on the figure in the picture, can anyone help me remove? I've tried loads of things but it's not doing much good! :( I've tried...
  17. Z

    Am trying to replcate this photo effect

    Hi Gurus as its Saturday no office and i opened my favorite Photoshop and tried to replicate a photo effect i come across on a web page.I added and used the photo filter and tried to play with exposure etc...But am close enough.Gurus plz guide me through.Also i attached the original image, my...
  18. T

    [Requests]Icons Design PSD

    Hello Photoshop gurus, Does anyone here can design for me icon thread forums like this: i need in PSD format so i can edited the color.
  19. E

    Resizing a psd

    when i resize a psd circles in it the circles sides get deformation how can i resize without deformation?
  20. gautamz07

    How to make preview images for a batch of PSD's

    Hey guys i have like these bunch of PSD's in a folder like below: Now in some folders i have about close to 25-30 PSD's , now how do i generate preview images for there psd's ?? I.E. generate preview images without indivisually opening each psd in photoshop ? So that i get a view like...