1. G

    Cutting logo and recreate with PSD

    Hello everyone's i came here for one request, which is not possible for me. Here is the logo: I need to cut (two) logos and clear them from text (everywhere) and recreate a new ones with cool effects (if possible) from PSD. Now if everything is OK i want the psd with fonts which is used for...
  2. W

    Explain this PSD to me - expert help needed

    Hello, i need someone experienced to explain this psd to me. When you change information on the smart object "Card" the information is automatically applied to the other card layers and they all redirect to that psb but are separate layers with filters. I see that they are somehow linked but i...
  3. MrToM

    I can really hate PS sometimes...

    Just done a substantial amount of work on a particular project which called for a PDF file. No probs...File > Save As > Sweet as... Back to original PSD file... Edit... Edit... Save... Edit... Edit... Save...Hang on! Why is photoshop saving as PDF? Save As...(PSD) Bam! All Layers gone. One...
  4. C

    please help with editing my psd catalog ! please !

    hello. i am trying to edit a brochure / catalog that was created in photoshop. we created the brochure with a set of products now we have 4 or 5 more products so i need to add pages , but , the original person is nowhere to be found and all i know is microsoft publisher. when i open the psd...
  5. R

    Please help with editing a background

    Hello all, An intermediate Photoshop user here... Please see the attached image. How can I make the yellowish background more equal in color? I mean, how can I make it fairly the same color, get rid of the brighter and darker portions? Tried everything I know, no real success. Cannot use the...
  6. H

    Stronger group files format psd "backgrounds, Wedding cards, files texst ready"

    Today Jptlkm strongest group files format psd adjustable Ashan operate them along Of course Woody mesh for beginners ups do not de violin for the owners of studios and Elly loves the work of graphics Is: "backgrounds, Wedding cards, files texst ready" Download it yourself and Show her very...
  7. R

    using a ps psd template as a static front page with links

    I have a resume wordpress site that showcases my skills on other pages. I'm using a png file I made from a psd template as a static front page for the site. what I'd like to do is use the psd template, but add links to the various fields to redirect visitors to my site to the specific page. for...
  8. C

    When sending a PSD file, is pattern information contained in the file?

    Hello, I am sending some PSD files to a web dev. company. I was wondering, when they open up my PSD files, will the patterns I have used in my graphics work be present? Or do they have to have the patterns I have used also installed on their computer for photoshop? Do I need to send the pattern...
  9. W

    PSD's and Layers

    I've just started my web development freelance career… I've downloaded a PSD Web Template, I want to practice converting those templates into working websites. Before I start that, I have one question (for now :-)). I noticed when I opened the PSD, I opened up the layers palette… Because...
  10. M

    Need a PSD for this type of text.

    As I do not have the magic skills that you guys have, can sombody make this extact text say: Hardware? Here is the text look: Need it to say Hardware. Dont need the earth though. tytytytyty
  11. T

    Converting PSD to AI layer flattening issue

    Okay, My problem is annoying, but I am sure it has a solution (for better or worse) I have a PSD (cs5.1), with a series of named layers that are Smart Objects I choose Open > file.psd (in Illustrator) My options allow me to set layers as objects (desirable) or flattened. When my PSD is...
  12. T

    Reduce .psd loading and saving times

    Hello all, I am currently having a little problem working with Photoshop: I am designing posters and other prints for a festival here, and we usually print the largest posters on A1 intl paper full color. That means working in a huge 300dpi file with quite a lot of layers. The issue I'm having...
  13. M

    not able to do save psd as png, bmp or any other format

    Hi Photoshop Gurus, I am having a strange problem. Here is the profile of my photoshop and my iMac. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Adobe Photoshop Version: 12.0.4 (12.0.4x20110407 [20110407.r.1265 2011/04/07:02:00:00...
  14. C

    THIS CURRENTLY POSSIBLE?? - Displaying multiple psd inside editor??

    Not sure how well I can explain this. This is an idea that I would THINK photoshop would have but perhaps I am not aware and have been doing this the HARD way?? * Let's say I am creating a website template which usually consists of a HEADER, FOOTER, (perhaps a LEFT, RIGHT) and a CONTENT...
  15. R

    500+ web icons

    500+ web icons in a single files really helpful for the web and graphic designer you can re-size the icons according to your need as b'coz it's made in vector base psd layer, hope it will be useful for designers like you and me. so enjoy...
  16. A

    Free Jam Text PSD for you to Download

    This is a free file I made. You can download it via my site: Jam Font / Text Freebie PSD : PSD Flyer Templates & Photoshop Resources | QAE Design
  17. Vafann

    Copy MS Word text to PSD?

    I am trying to do something but it doesn´t seem to work. I have made a background paper in Photoshop. I want to copy a text from a word document and paste it into the paper in PS. I have tried several things, but nothing works. Then I tried to make the paper a png, and insert it into word...
  18. malyo

    PSD printing and font size problem

    Hello I've decided to improve my CV through Photoshop obviously. But the very first problem i've encountered is that i'm not quite sure that the font size in Photoshop (let's say Times New Roman 12 pt) doesn't really equal the 12 pt font in MS Word. How should i overcome this problem...
  19. S

    How to convert .tiff with transparency to .psd

    I have a bunch of .tiff files with transparency that I would like to convert to .psd and keep the transparency but when I open them in CS5, they have a black background. How can I convert them to .psd files and keep the transparency? Thanks.
  20. B

    Scripting Photoshop scripting - how to insert a layer from another PSD

    Hi, I'm fairly new to PS scripting, and I tried my best to do this on my own or find an existing script, but with no luck. I want to insert a layer (or group) from another PSD file, into the current document. I want to provide the layer/group name and PSD filename in the script itself. I...