1. D

    Live Copying A Text Layer on multiple areas on the same PSD?

    Question: I need to live-Copy a Text Layer on multiple areas on the same PSD. For example take a look at the sample image (attachment): The same caption forms the background. My target is to change all of it by editing the master layer.., (and all salve layers with their own formatting will...
  2. A

    Automatically make image tiled across page

    Hi guys, Hope you are all well. I am wanting to create a document where the user can add an image into a psd and it will automatically be tiled across the page. I have used a psd before that applied lots of rules to any image and i was hoping this would be possible in my case. I hope this...
  3. F

    In need of urgent favour

    Sup guys, i'm new to the forum, i registered because i am in need of a favour asap. I am currently on a road trip and brought my laptop with me, unfortunately i dont have photoshop installed on this pc and i dont have enough bandwith to download the whole thing (im on mobile network). Basically...
  4. M

    Need a PSD file altering.

    Hi We have a current psd file that we use to produce an image, We would like to have it improved as it doesn't really give the outputted image that we want. Can send a copy of the PSD file for anyone interested and pictures of what it produces and the desired result. My guess is that it is not...
  5. E

    Finished Product Files (Post-Editing)

    Hello folks! I hope my title is on the right track, I wasn't really sure what it's called. But here's my question: After you're finished with a cilent and that specific project. What files do you keep? I have the PSD obviously, but also various other TIFF files when I was showing the cilent...
  6. Z

    Is it possible to copy Guides from one psd to other psd?

    hi Gurus is there anyway to copy guides from one psd to other psd?
  7. B

    Guide me to achieve this please

    Guide me to achieve this please. Hi i attached a transparent image and i would liek to know methods to make such effects.Am sure they used clouds and masked to get that fading and transparent effect? cool one. Please guide me through . PS: Plz see the attached image on ps then only u can know...
  8. R

    Actions Photoshop CS Actions

    Hello, I have PSD files that contain dozens of screen captured images in each one. Is there a way where I can create an ACTION that will: flatten the PSD Save the file as a JPG #1 unflatten chose the next layer and flatten 6 save the new as image #2 repeat this for the next 9 layers. Leaving...
  9. C

    Picasa not showing "open with photoshop"

    New guy here. Just bought a new HP Envy 750-111 with Windows 10. I normally use Picasa to search for jpgs and psd to open in photoshop. I no longer have Photoshop in the Open With menu when I right click onto a file. Jpgs open in Picasa Photo Editor but psd files go directly to Photoshop. I am...
  10. M

    a .PSD file on a web server and work on it from multiple clients... is it possible?

    I have main PSD file, updated from an expert designer and some clients that would like to do some last adjustements first to export the PSD into JPEG or PNG.. How I could manage these informations?
  11. J

    Turning a 3D image into 2D

    I downloaded a PSD image from the net which is a 3D image. Is it possible to edit this image and turn it into a 2D image so I'm looking at it face on? Appreciate the help, JH
  12. X

    Where can I find quality PSD Template for download

    Hello, I am a developer and have no skills with desin. I opened up photoshop and was not able to do a simple line :-) So I wondered if I can learn by an existing sample and search for a PSD Template that has a similiar UI design as the one attached. Does someoe know where I can download such...
  13. Z

    any way to retain the vectors of PSD smart objects for printing?

    any way to retain the vectors of PSD smart objects for print? I am not sure how to summarize my problem well into one sentence, I will simply describe my workflow and my goal I draw the comics in AI, compose everything into square boxes of different sizes. Copy the AI vectors into a PSD...
  14. P

    Copy and paste problem

    New guy here. Just got Photoshop recently and Im still learning the ropes. My problem is this. I resized an image. I then saved it as a psd. I made a selection of an item on this image and then went to paste it onto another psd image. But when I do it pastes it at the dimensionsthat the item...
  15. Z

    How to make the image darken like thsi using photoshop cs6??

    I Often wonder how to darken the given image like the one i attached. What i tried is i added a rectangle over the image with black and tried to reduce the opacity and fills.But i didn't get the result like the one i attached. Gurus please give me your expert suggestions on it. Thanks in...
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    How to save corrupted PSD file?

    Hi everybody!I was drawing on my tablet in Photoshop. I just saved my work in PSD extension (as I always do because it allows me to use it in different programs like Photoshop,Corel,IllustStudio and SAI without merging the layers), then I went and added few more 'dots' on it, then saved it again...
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    A Huge Favour? - PSD > Vector (Free Request)

    Hi Everyone, I created a PSD logo and "Icon" for my upcoming clothing brand - (Brand Removed). Upon printing my first T-Shirt, I have been told that my logo must be Vector to be able to work with Vinyl materials. The only problem is, is that I don't have inDesign, and have never used it myself...
  18. R

    Color Space problem?

    Whenever I save a file from PSD to JPEG - I get these strange lines. I have my color settings on North American Web/Internet sRGB IEC61966-2.1 I did make the PSD while accidentally still in Japan Web/Internet ( Recently bought iMac, Torrented PS - Not sure if it has anything to do with it. )...
  19. J

    I need some way to recover psd file.

    My computer crashed today while photoshop CS5.1 was saving/writing to a psd file. When I started my computer back up, and tried to open the file again, It only displays 1 layer shown as a corrupted image (As Shown Below - the Red Image). When I click on the file in the "Open" window (The Gray...
  20. B

    Replacing color with specific color code

    I am trying to replace the background color of the image below. I am using the replace color tool. I use the first eyedropper tool to select the color. Then the second eyedropper+ tool to select the shaded area. I use a fuzziness of 50-70. I enter the replacement color using a color code. The...