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Challenge #48- Cloud Warriors

Challenge #48- Cloud Warriors

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I dunno but it just seems short to me...two weeks is 14 days so add that on to the 2nd would mean the 16th....no?

I know its only 2 days different but if its supposed to be two weeks then...., especially with it being late starting AND Easter and all that.

Needs an official say on the matter.

Should have had the closing date in the first post really, rather than 2 days before.....oh well.

I'm not having a dig at you, far from it, its a great challenge, but some of us only have weekends to work on a challenge and cutting the time short by 2 days means personally I have no more time left....(14 days means at least two weekends),....so in the words of Mr Duncan Bannatyne...I'm out.

Great challenge though.

A tough challenge this one - This is my submission...... Not completely happy with it but have enjoyed the challenge.



dragon 2.jpg
I love the challenge but i wasnt sure to give it a try because i was sure it will be a pain in the ass XD, But today i wake up bored and with time so i've given a try.

I swear to god the idea "just popped in there" and i have to do it .....XDD


I'm not really happy because seems more like it's crossing the clouds instead of being one... but it was fun doing it. :cheesygrin:

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Everyone has done a exceptional job on a difficult challenge.
Now for the hard part......Voting for the winner which will be hard as they all are winners
Best of luck everyone, well done