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  1. Pipsmom

    Composite Fantasy Manipulation Play

    ChrisDesign inspired me yesterday with a master piece he did in Blender..... so that set me off to try and do something Arty in Photoshop. Not as good as his...and still not satisfied with reflections but it was good practice......But boy did I have fun experimenting with blending I encourage...
  2. furyy

    Is this good? By: a noob

    Hey guys, I'm not so good at photoshop, but I tried to manipulate my friend's photo. Is this pretty good? Any feedbacks would be helpful! :cheesygrin:
  3. A

    Logo for instagram profile picture

    Hello im asking for simple text like on the photo like this to writte LUXURY KOSOVA same like in the photo or better :) Here you have 1 idea for font maybe i dont know if it looks good I will need .psd file maybe i change sometimes the name and i would like to have if its possible. Thank...
  4. B

    Illustrator How long does it take to learn to design good logos

    Hy, How long does it take to learn to design good logos and how many tutorials do you need? Is lynda beginner adobe illustrator course and Udemy enough and then i just have to play with the tools for a while and i will be able to create awsome logos? Thank you
  5. K

    Anyone who uses a Photo Viewer Pro?

    My friends uses other alternative like Photo Viewer Pro. Is this also a free and good in photo improvements? Any one who has tried it?
  6. T


    Can someone pls photoshop a good sized musky in this picture
  7. hershy314


    Thought I'd give a little update on what's been going on. I won my case with disability. Don't have the details yet, I'll be getting them this week. I do know I'll get my first check on August 1st. Still doing pretty good after surgery, still not 100 % and doubt I ever will be, but that's fine...
  8. J

    Hi Everyone!

    I am new to PS. I come from a video editing background. So this is really new territory for me. I hope to have a place to ask questions as I learn the program. Currently I am taking a PS course on Its going well. But there are somethings I'm still not grasping. I think it will come in...
  9. P

    Hello everyone!

    Hi guys! OK, this is my second post, should have been the first, I know, but in a desperation and late at night I made another one first, the next one to be precise: Request Mad Max style It's already solved, so I'm happy for it and now I can take a little of my time to introduce myself. My...
  10. P


    Hello! As I'm sure you can gather from my username, I'm completely new to Photoshop. Live in England and thought this could be a good way to expand my photography hobby! Looking forward to learning as much as possible
  11. G

    Morning Sky

    This is my first attempt and anything close to digital friend Dempsey makes a good subject. Actually, this was a lot of fun to do. GeorgeB
  12. J

    Extracting peacock feathers

    I'm not entirely sure this is the correct thread to post in, but tried to get as close as possible, so apologises in advance. I photographed multiple peacock feathers (apart of a larger production) and I need to extract the in-between dead space to allow the other layers (and other peacock...
  13. Inkz

    Retro Game Cloud Logo Concept

    Hey shoppers.. Been working on this little design for a while and came up with as simple as a design as possible (like any good logo should be). Here's is the obvious cloud with a retro gaming joystick within the white space of the design.
  14. O

    Make it a bit lighter

    Hi! could anyone improve the quality of this pic so its not that dark and blurry? It is not good enough to post anywhere. Thanks
  15. I

    Remove words from picture?

    Can someone please help me remove "is hard rebellion" and then tell me what tools you used so I could learn how to do it? I've dabbled with Photoshop but I'm not very good :neutral:
  16. Pipsmom

    Challenge #48- Cloud Warriors

    Challenge #48 Cloud Warrior/War Our next challenge will be Cloud Warriors at war showing your use of light, shadow, color and layer effects. Break out your best cloud brushes and create your own warrior in battle Good Luck everyone and looking forward to seeing your creations Submissions close...
  17. H

    Hello new to the scene

    Hello everyone, I am very interested in learning about photoshop and may be working towards taking classes for it in the future. I have been messing around here and there on my own but I will honestly say i'm not that good at it at all, but again am hoping to get better. It is great to meet...
  18. J

    how can i blend so that it won't make the levitation butt so flat ?

    Hi all, i trying to blend the butt so it wont turn out so flat. i trying using brush too and liquidfy but doesnt seems good to me anyone can assist me on this ? Before: After: Final Result:
  19. R

    Help Producing Flyer/poster for charitable event

    Hi All, Hoping someone can help me out of a bit of a problem. I organise a free Emergency Services event each year, but need a new poster/flyer that we can use to promote the event. I have done some work using photoshop/illustrator but the results are not good at all. As this is a...
  20. D

    MLG hardcore

    Hello, i would like someone try to MLG this logo. I would still like to see the tree and "somersby" title other is your imagination (color change is possibility too). I would like to see even if u just tryed maby it will be good for me. Sorry for misspeled words. I do not know how to attach...