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  1. P

    need help putting photos together

    Hi Could some of the experts try and put these photos together, i want the first photo adding to the 2nd and 3rd photo if possible, i know the light isnt good on the first photo compared to the other 2 with the kids on.
  2. chrisdesign

    1000 and more ideas for your next creation!

    Brain dead? No ideas for your project. Here is a good place to find inspirations for your next creations!
  3. S

    Hello guys!

    Hello guys! I am an old member but now I will be more active since I am using Photoshop CC 2017 on a mac! Keep up the good work! :hi:
  4. D

    Natty Ice Logo

    Could somebody please edit the text in this logo?? I want it to say "Cape" instead of natural and "2017 instead of ice. This is probably a tough request. :thumbsup:
  5. Shamm68

    Good morning

    Good morning from Bristol. England :hi::hi::hi:
  6. D

    Help Wanted for Secret Santa

    Hello All, I have an idea about putting my father in laws face in a few classic film posters. I can get them printed but guess I need a good hi res image. If anyone cal do this for me I would appreciate it. Regards Dan
  7. R

    Introducing myself

    Just posting since I got a warning about 0-post members. I'm a beginner and it's good to join everyone. Many thanks to samiam for his help.
  8. Zandoras

    Hi all, I'm Zandoras nice to meet you !

    Just passing to say hello from France, I just subscribed to the forum to get my little cousin a personalized gift for christmasn and considering I'm not really good at photoshoping pictures I prefere to ask to pros like you :p I also like to try some photoshoping on my own some times but I'm not...
  9. S

    Hi. Can somebody change the background?

    I think i look good in this photo but i want an ivy covered wall as the background. It'd be really great if somebody could change it for me. Thanks
  10. Z

    Creating tabular price lists in PS?

    Hi guys, I am trying to create a price list menu, but I am struggling to keep all the text aligned. It's for a menu where the tens, units and decimals need to be accurately aligned. I cobbled together an example of how it's appearing for me when I try this as well as a good example (the...
  11. S

    Please edit this picture?

    Hi Gurus, If someone have time for this, can you edit this photo a little bit, something with curves, for good colors. For a facebook profile not something special, I want to see what photoshop can do. Tanks! (sorry for my english)
  12. S

    Help creating tiny, crisp text!

    Hi guys, New member here. I've been designing emotes for a friend of mine for his site on Twitch. They are a real challenge! They must look good, clear and readable at 28x28 pixels. I've made several so far, but have such a hard time getting words and text to look clear at that tiny...
  13. J

    what you guys think ?

    you think this is any good
  14. D

    Please can Anyone Edit this With any Good effect (any good effect)

    Thanks a Lot in Advance ,, If you need any help You can contact me I will try to help you out too . Thanks Again. I just need a Good effect
  15. H

    Edit a class photo for me please

    ok so my Fire academy class had a good opportunity to take a class picture when the blue angels were flying but we didn't have a camera. So we used an iPhone and could not get the angels in the shot. Is there any way to photoshop something in like that? Also, some how write SFFD with 120th...
  16. S

    Please paste me into the photo of new york [I attempted first]

    Hello, Please can someone do a better job than me at pasting a photo of me on to this rooftop overlooking new york? I attempted it but it just don't look real, I don't know if it's the lighting or scaling or something, what do you guys think? I'm trying to make it good enough to fool a...
  17. K

    Hello newbie here!

    Hello Everyone good morning! I just want to say Hi/Hello to all off you. Love, KrakenSpraken.:thumbsup:
  18. V

    Helpful books

    I am a newbie and working on the learning curve, I am sure it's been asked before but do the pros out there have any suggestions for good instruction books, dvd's etc.
  19. Jerry D

    Hello Everyone

    I like to play with PS but not very good at it. I'm sure I can learn from you all. I'll try not to screw up, but can't promise anything. :)
  20. T

    Please remove everything in picture except 'Ferko' signature.

    I would like to extract the Ferko signature from this logo. Whenever I try it does not look good, nor does it scale very well. Any help is appreciated.