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  1. B

    Good afternoon everyone, Newbie here

    Hello all:) I am joining your group after reading a few posts. I am always looking to learn and what better place to do that than right here. I have had PS Cs5 for a year and still haven't learned my way around very well yet. I am always happy when I see others share their knowledge. I do know...
  2. K

    How to get a good scan from wall sticker?

    I was wondering if anyone could please advise me how to get a good scan from a sticker that is stuck on a wall? I tried taking a picture with a camera but I can't seem to get as good of quality as I would if I actually scanned the sticker on a flatbed scanner. Do anyone have any ideas or tips to...
  3. M

    Good Afternoon! Introduction..

    Hello all my name is Markus, I'm 21 and live in the UK. Just signed up here after viewing a few threads from a google search. There seems to be alot to learn from these forums and I must say I'm looking forward to it. I have played around with photoshop (very lightly) over the years but have...
  4. M

    Good day to you all !

    I am glad to be able to find this forum, it is a great for us Photoshop users ! I use Photoshop for over 3 years now, but I still learning, and try to learn something new every day. Enjoy your day :)
  5. Stric9

    Good website for tutorial videos

    Has anyone ever visited here Free Adobe Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Fireworks, Bridge, and Golive Video Tutorials :: Welcome to I particularly like the tuts on hair selection and changing hair color from brunette to blonde. But still slot of other good info there.
  6. D

    Is there a good canvas texture generator out there?

    Is there a good canvas texture generator out there? I've been using the built in Photoshop filter>texure>texturizer>canvas, and in the more open areas like water and sky, you can see a repeating square pattern of canvas, even when I adjust it to it's 200 max scale setting. I like that texture...
  7. Z

    any good photoshop CS5 filters?

    yo, just wondering if there were any good photoshop CS5 filter plugins for someone like me? i am usually making wallpapers for games and menu screens, for games. as well as singatures, and avatars on other sites.
  8. Evil Nemesis

    where those old good days gone ?

    anyone remember me ? Welles ? Sheba ? Lasa ? and many others.. :banghead: old good members, are they still here ?
  9. SeniorS

    Good Font Manager on Windows 7?

    I haven't use none of font manager yet but start to feel need for it. Usually i just "install" font on system. But with many fonts it's seems kinda not best solution. So, advice, please, some good, easy and fast font manager for windows 7 64bit to work with PS, Indesign and so on.
  10. B

    Looking for a good blood drool effect.

    I am currently stumped and I would like to know what tool would be good to make a good blood drool like effect? Thank you :)
  11. K

    Good to be here!

    Hey guys! :D it's good to be here :) i want to edit pictures right now!!!! :D
  12. Burned Ice

    canon eos 1000D good?

    my sister has this canon eos 1000D camera, is that a good camera to shoot pic's like the butterfly of hoogleman? camera picture:
  13. Hoogle

    3D Good 3d text program

    I was wondering if there is a better program out there for 3d text currently I am using cinema 4d which is a bit over kill for what I need and would like an effective siple program not xara that is to basic and tacky looking. anyone know of a good 1 or am i best sticking to cinema 4d
  14. Carson

    How good is the guy above you?

    Hey, I was thinking, and I havn't ever created a post worth keeping so im going to try. Here is a fun little game I picked up on the forum somewhere else, but this game could also help point out the people to go to for work. Here are the rules, XD post on a scale from 1 - 10 on how good you...
  15. W

    Designing a Good Website Design

    What rules I need to follow before designing a good site. And shall I go for professional web design company.
  16. B

    Good morning shoppers

    Hi, I'm here to make my headscratching more public, and look forward to getting and sharing suggestions. What brought me here are questions related to work I'm doing with stereographs. cheers, BrghtEye
  17. A

    How good do I have to be at drawing/painting to get into a graphic design program?

    I'm okayyy at drawing and painting. Not very good at making it look realistic though. I'm a sophmore in high school. I plan on taking drawing and painting classes at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) this summer. I have a great eye for color and laying things out though! My hobby...
  18. SeniorS

    "Good people, I missed my introduction!"

    Hello! I noticed that most of new members says "Hello" but i forget to do that :( But there's always time to corect such things. I'm new for PhotoShop Guru and forums at all. And for a while kinda get adicted (hope total obsession will not last long). Profesional "experienced" scanner...
  19. dv8_fx

    Good to be Home.....

    AND LOOK AT WHAT THIS CRAZY CAT DRAGGED IN.................. Can't help it... I saw him rundown by an Isuzu Invader (thus the name V'ger). Poor guy... he was catatonic when I picked him up. Perked up when we got home after a 4 hour trip. A few days at home and I'll release him to the wildlife...