1. E

    Need veteran advice on CPU and RAM requirements for Adobe cc

    Hello, I've just started a Multimedia and Design education, where I will be working with Adobe cc - mostly Photoshop, Illustrator and inDesign. I'm looking for a portable laptop to use while in school, and I have found one with a good IPS display and SSD. My question is, if I should I go...
  2. N

    Need help find background for advertice my old car.

    I am going to sell my car and I will make good photos of the car. I need backgrounds to put the car in. Hope you understand.
  3. P

    Hello Everybody

    I have Photoshop Elements 7 and some other image editing applications. Have a good day!
  4. Camilla

    Greetings from Sweden (along with some smoke signals ie cry for help) :D

    Hi Everyone! About 9 years ago I did 2 Photoshop courses by correspondance and have unfortunately forgotton several things.... not to mention that Photoshop has since greatly advanced since then. But in saying so, I have still managed to create some logos for a few individual organisations and...
  5. C

    Image edit - Basic coloring of eyebrows - HELP (paid)

    I wonder if someone could color my eyebrows light brown on a selfie photo (they are white at the moment, my natural eyebrow color). The photo are taken with an iPhone and do not have so good quality so I am not sure if it is possible to edit it while making it look realistic. You know this...
  6. Hybrus

    Good day, I am Wrollen.

    Hello there, I am Wrollen, I am using Photoshop for 5 years and looking forward to learn adobe illustrator. I had the experience of freelancing 4 years ago and for an instance a difficult problem came up to my life and sadly broke my career as a freelancer. But then, as time goes by. I Decided...
  7. Adam Guard

    Nature Photos

    After planting some sunflowers this past summer, there was ample opportunity for some good photos. Here's one that could be a wallpaper... My compact camera has a panorama setting built right in that works pretty good. Here's a sunset I took last autumn.
  8. Paul

    Fire near me today

    Small bushfire, then the Thunderbirds kicked into action would post more but the sites taking forever to load them today? All good now fires under control one fireman injured smoke inhalation issues.
  9. P

    Help with vectorizing

    Hi everybody! I'm new. I just want some help to vectorizing a number. I've got this: And I need it bigger and with good quality. The logo on the bottom part is this: Thanks!!
  10. K

    help on foggy glasses (one side)

    hi guys! hope everyone is doing well! I've just returned from a law students' end of the year party and took a photo with this rather important guy in the field, however as it turns out I was too nervous and ended up fogging my glasses, I'm wondering if there's anything that can be done to fix...
  11. R

    Seeking some Christmas Help

    Hello Everyone, I'm in need of some help. I can assure you that I have been watching many a YouTube tutorials on this, I've tried the Fourier transform plug in for the textured photo paper and patch tools for creases etc, but I just don’t think my skill level is good enough to get this photo as...
  12. I

    A question

    Hi again, all. In my search for everything photoshop, I came across this .... . It certainly looks almost like Photoshop's interface (at least to me). I tried playing with it and looks good. Are there limitations to what it can do compared to Photoshop? Is...
  13. Tom Mann

    It looks like Fractalius is back ... this time, from Topaz

    Topaz's version: The original: At least from the examples...
  14. F

    How to set up Lightroom 5 and PScc for Web output

    This Is sort of a follow on post from my maiden post. I want to create my own personal website that I will want to upload photos to. My question is: How to set up Lightroom 5 and PScc for Web output so that when viewing the images on the Web they look as good as how you see them in LR and...
  15. P

    just a few easy questions

    1. Do replies to other people's posts count as one of my 5 mandatory posts? 2. I am very limited and I would like someone to Photoshop a picture for me, Where is a good area or place to make this request? Kind regards, Phil4Real_423
  16. D

    New guy from Manchester UK

    Hello there Guys and Girls I'm new here, just in case you hadn't realised. I'm very much a beginner here rather than a "Guru". I'm here looking for help and guidance. I figured this would be the place to start. My first question is Can anyone point me in the right direction of a good website...
  17. R

    Is being expert in photoshop a god gift same as singer and dancer?

    Hi, I try things but i never feel that i made for these things for example i played hockey for 2 years i practice very hard seriously but i never feel i am the one who will become pro and now i am doing IM and i start doing some coding in CSS and HTML it has been 2 year and i feel i can never...
  18. inkpad.t

    What Do You Think Of your/this Art

    In my line of work it's not very often that you come across people who do graphics/art, use Photoshop so on and so on ( didn't know it was etc, etc, or ect,ect, ), But today I did, he showed me his art work, and he ask the question was it good ? Well, who am I to say if it's good or bad, we had...
  19. B

    [REQ] Logo for a landscaping page?

    I want a logo for a webpage that promotes my landscaping business. The webpage background is a slightly transparent black so whatever colors you think would look good with that. The image size is 240x60 pixels The name is Arizona Lawn and Landscape Its a lengthy title for a small picture so if...
  20. E

    I'm looking for a Cover ActionScript for iPhone cases

    Hello everybody :) (sorry for my english) I'm looking for an actionscript which could be able to cover a iPhone (4, 5, 6 and 6+) automaticly with the borders. I saw this video but it's only in 2D : I've also saw that a lot of software do this kind of coverage but...