1. MrToM

    CC 2015 - First Impressions...

    Perhaps this tells the story so far... Not very good considering its not even 5 days old yet. Personal experiences are not good. Note: The below is particular to my system and not necessarily the same for...
  2. Eggy

    Challenge 29: BBQ Time!

    Ok, it is time to move on. Winter is long gone, spring has only a few day left (depending on where you live) and summer is coming. Traditionally summer is BBQ time. A time to eat and drink with family and friends and have a good time...but this can go wrong sometimes...:twisted: Use a picture of...
  3. I

    Dreamstime - Stock Images Promotion

    They currently have a promotion on for new customers, £00.03 for 5 free downloads. Images seem to be professionally taken, I am thinking of cancelling subscription renewal after a couple of days when I have used my 5 downloads, would this work? Thought this one would be a good one to share...
  4. I

    Hello from Africa

    Hello, I am Ibrahim from Algeria, i love photography, but i am a beginner in it, i own Nikon D5200 and 2 lenses 18-55mm and 35mm, also i own Photoshop lightroom 5. Hope to learn useful things in the photoshopgurus forum, also i hope to make some good friends. good luck for all
  5. S

    Does anyone know how to do this?

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to put this logo on this shoe but is not looking good enough. Can it be done better? or that's as good as it will go. Because the letters distor a lot when I'm transforming them to put them in prespective. Please anyone let me know if you knowhow to do this...
  6. W

    Your help and opinion on a cover.

    As you know or may not know, tomorrow is the 100th commemoration of the Armenian genocide. Special for that I was making a cover and got this as a result. . I'm already happy with the results since I most certainly am an amateur. You guys have any idea what else I could do to get a better...
  7. P

    Hi there!

    Hello everyone! My name is Pedro, I'm from Brazil. I love graphics design, work with photo manipulations and Photoshop. I'm using PS since PS 7. I'll try to be a good member for the community and help in anything I can. See you all.
  8. P

    can someone please edit a photo for me (change skin tone in a photo)

    if you dont mind, id appreciate the help. im not good with photoshop. please pm me thanks in advance
  9. Paul

    Gone to the darkside

    Trying FireFox again, so far so good and helps with my viewing here - how i don't know but it far.
  10. LemonLuuk

    Model Before and After

    Tips and tricks are welcome! I like this one and i think i did a good job. Let me know what you think!
  11. E

    Greetings from Indonesia

    Hello, thanks for having me. I hope I can be a good contributor to this community. Have a nice day all :cheesygrin:
  12. HydroFantasy

    Hey! Incoming of a good photomanipulator here!

    I'm quite happy I found a community like this, so I can go back though time and remember myself how much good I was in this passion of mine :)
  13. P


    Just thought I'd say hello!I'm keen on photography and will be using the site mainly to pick up new skills and share what I know!Seems like a great bunch here - good times!
  14. R

    can anyone design this wallpaper for me,,

    Hi Guys I have a youtube channel and I would like to have a wallpaper for it. Can anyone help me with it please, I am not good at designing. My channel is gaming channel. So i would like you to design a wallpaper which related to gaming exactly Fifa 15 and it have my channel name which is...
  15. Q

    Technical drawings

    Can someone help on how to draw something like this? It's a technical drawing of a latex plastic band. I looked hard and couldn't find a good YouTube video on this. Any help to get me started would be great!
  16. S

    Quick Selection Tool

    Hi, I was using the quick selection tool to wrap the marching ants around a building to swap the background, but as I worked the ants around the building they would scatter everywhere into every nook and sometimes jump an inch or so either in our out. I really could not control them. Can someone...
  17. hershy314

    New Camera

    I'm thinking of upgrading to a Canon Rebel XTi (yes I know it's still old). I'm just not sure if it would be a good buy or not. I would be getting a 35-80MM F/4-5.6 LENS for it. Reason I'm considering this one is I like the design of it better than my current Olympus E-300 and I think Canon...
  18. R

    Liquid dissolve effect

    I am here with this new tutorial :) Would love to hear what you think. Did you find it useful, did you like it - or what worked and what didn't work in my tutorial :) Have a good day. Reference material: Milk splat...
  19. J

    Small Low Quality Image to Larger Good Qualiry Image

    Hi I have a logo on my website but do not have the high resolution original as this was lost. Is there any way of making a larger file and making it lookgood. I am using CS3 but not much good on it
  20. G


    I am Giorgos[George] from Greece[Ellada]. I love the photoshop.I m a beginner. I want to talk with you. Good night my friends Giorgos from Greece. Ι do not speak English well.