1. IamSam

    Challenge 25: Car Chop! Run-off Poll!

    Chrisdesign Axxo Good luck!
  2. X

    Need an Assistance...

    Hi everyone, especially to the gurus. is it ok for me to ask your help. I would like to ask if you can make me a logo desgin using my name ALEX WARLO. I'm not good in terms of logo designing or typography. hoping for your kindness. Thanks and more Power!
  3. R

    Use the dynamics range in the RAW file to render out hair

    Hey guys. - I wan't to share with you a new tutorial i made tonight. The Raw image contains a lot of data (Huge dynamics range) use the raw filter to explore this and use it to your advantage. THis might not be the perfect method for rendering hair - but’s its a valid and good one, and good...
  4. C

    Skin retouching with frequency separation

    Some before and after pictures of me re-touching photos using frequency separation. I'm still learning Photoshop but I think these look pretty good. What do you guys think? Comments and/or suggestions would be appreciated :) Before: After: Before: After:
  5. Z

    A few photos from the zoo

    I'm still not too good with my photography, simply because I'm either impatient, forgetful or too cautious, but these are some okay shots that I got at Chester Zoo(sorry for the spoiler alert for those watching "our zoo") please zoom in fully to get the full quality of the photo, my apologies...
  6. hershy314

    New Camera

    Finally able to get a new camera so I'm not having to use my phone as much. I'm looking at this one but I'm unsure what lens to get. I think this one will work...
  7. A

    Need help with graphic

    Can someone recreate this graphic for me? I've tried and come close but it doesn't look as good. Also took me almost 2 hours.
  8. V

    Where do you get good stock photos for free?

    Where can you find very good stock photos the people can actually use? For example in this speedart, where could I find a similar cloudy background? youtube(can't post link yet)com/watch?v=JgTn0dXraPQ
  9. F

    quick retouch

    Friend asked if I could make her arm thinner. As it is just for a snapshot, I did a quick try. Is it any good? How to improve?
  10. E


    Hi I don't consider myself a digital artist by any means. am an illustrator! I have been commissioned to design a jewell CD cover. What are the standard dimensions for the designs themselves so they don't get cut in printing etc. Can someone give me a good template for this and some much...
  11. E

    c and c , too much or good????

    been watching ben willmore tutorials , selective curve adjustments etc , wondering if ive gone to far or not?
  12. M

    changing the color of the word BEACH

    hey guys, I'm very new to PS and im not sure how to change the color of the word BEACH to the brown tone of the word coco and have it look good. I was able to change it but it never looks as good as the word coco (mostly jagged edges) you can check out the file here...
  13. L

    Need opinions on a logo

    Hi everyone, I was asked by a friend to do a logo for him and this is the result of an evening of experimentation. I haven't shown him this yet so any feedback on whether its good or complete design heresy would be appreciated. Thanks -Liam.
  14. J

    retouching - need help on grids on walls

    HI there, thank you for looking at my post. well, I did a photoshoot for a hotel recently. Walls in rooms have grids and I think it would be nice to remove them. sometimes it's easy, but most of the times these grids are surrounded by dif tones of lights and dif colors which makes this work...
  15. SeniorS

    Good people, I missed my saying goodbye!

    Hello folks! I promissed to report in few weeks but it's been almost a month now. So i decided to make proper goodbye post. There must been many new members who could wonder "who the f... is SeniorS? And what about he's talking?", so this one goes for ones who knows me a bit. Trying not to...
  16. B

    Good morning

    First day........
  17. Z

    Is there any mention of a screen recorder that is good for keeping the CPU cool?

    i need a screen recorder that will sit and record the screen for me as i do some photoshopping for my youtube channel without making my CPU temperatures go through the roof? my CPU fan is a good fan compared to the one i did have but the CPU reaches temps that are too warm for my liking when i...
  18. Hoogle

    Ever felt like you needed some Good Luck

    Was not feeling very well but earlier on today I found a penny and picked it up and all day long I felt even more ill than usual. So I thought I would use it to try and inspire me to do something as I have not created anything in photoshop for myself for a while I came up with this only using 1...
  19. D

    good photoshop tutorials sites

    Hi I came across this site for tutorials. Photoshop Tutorials
  20. Kratos Aurion

    A good Photoshop user needed!

    Can someone edit this for me Please change the text in both bubbles. Right side bubble should say: They call me Left side bubble should say : Dark King Rayleigh Effects: Similiar to this but light blue instead of the red. Size...