Challenge 5 - "Quarantine Poster design and intergration"

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Welcome to challenge 5
- "Quarantine/Infection Poster design and integration"

There was some excellent work in the previous challenge, really inspiring stuff and some very original and well thought out ideas too. Challenge 5 will consist of 2 parts (detailed below) - DEADLINE WILL BE AROUND 10 TO 14 DAYS AS THE WEEKEND IS NOW OVER. AROUND THE 3RD DEC.

Brief: To design a poster or flyer that you could imagine would be used by the world authorities in the event of an Apocalyptic infection/infestation be it Aliens, Zombies, a new Virus - basically get creative :mrgreen:

Part One: Design a Quarantine poster using any original medical/virus/outbreak/Vaccine poster that can be found online.

Part Two:
Incorporate the poster design into a 'scene' such as being pinned to a wall, pasted to a post or nailed to a door. Remember that the outbreak has already happened and things are starting to look dirty and worn out.

See below for examples of what I have done, and what this challenge is about:

Poster One:

Poster Two:

Poster in a apocalyptic type environment:

So Design the poster, then add the poster to a background such as door, wall, signpost etc.

Not only will the winner of course get to choose the theme of challenge 6 but I will also publicise the winning piece on the Zombie Go Boom Facebook page and will have a word with the guys and see if I can get it as well as PSG mentioned in an upcoming video that will be seen by thousands. Bit of a bonus so to speak, if of course the winner is happy to have this happen to their finished and winning piece. If you have never heard of Zombie Go Boom, take a look here:

Zombie Go Boom Facebook:
Zombie Go BoomTV You-tube Channel:
Zombie Go Boom Machinima Channel:

I know that not everyone is into the Zombie thing, but I think it would make an interesting and fun challenge that would require the design of an almost believable poster and also to have this poster mounted in ‘an apocalyptic environment’. Some useful .psd files are attached, these being the CDC logo, NIH, & WHO. Use these are you wish as these will add a little authenticity to the poster design. This challenge I hope will require an eye for design and an ability to lay things out as it would be if the government or any other authority was to produce these.

The .psd files:

CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention):
View attachment cdc.psd

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency):
View attachment fema.psd

WHO (World Health Organization):

View attachment who.psd

NIH (National Institutes of Health):
View attachment nih.psd

You can use these files and edit them as you need. I made them so am giving full usage rights to do what you'd like with them:thumbsup:

An excellent website for tutorials on making poster, mainly retro ones was poster last week although I can't remember who posted it. It can be found here though: Hopefully this challenge will appeal to many of you, it's a chance to show some real creativity along with the ability to keep it formal but to the point. As before, no rules apart from make your own lol. You can enter as many as you'd like too. So, any thoughts or questions are as always, welcome. Good luck and have fun with it. As a little incentive, here are some details of Zombie Go Boom, where I will be able to share the winning piece. Zombie Go Boom have a dedicated website but more importantly we have a Facebook page that has 70,000+ subscribers/17,000+ likes and a You-tube channel that has had over 7.5 million video views, and over 71,000 subscribers. :thumbsup: :naughty: :yourock: Regards Chris (beast lol)
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I love the idea but this topic is too intricate, maybe simplify it a little.
Yer, I did get a little carried away there - sorry peoples :confused:

Basically, design a quarantine themed poster/flyer and then place in an environment of your choice. Along the lines of my posters above :thumbsup:


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This idea of a double-challnge is pretty cool, therefore I've decided to give it a try anyway..
As some of you know I broke my right-hand, so this makes it a triple-challenge for me.

I figured that not trying at all is a sure loss.

Good luck everyone!
I've already started. This is going to take awhile, assembling pieces, making pieces! I have a feeling it's going to take more than one attempt to get a decent one . . .

Good challenge Beast, and I'm glad you offered the simpler option as well.
Looking forward to seeing some of the results. I have only posted a few of the one's I have made and it's surprising how much work is actually involved in making these. One of mine has a stupid amount of layers lol but ultimately it gives me the flexibility to blend everything in just right.

Was worried I had scared some of the members away lol

I found looking at Governmental posters/flyers and leaflets etc helped with the layout and colour schemes ;)
Hi hi :) I'm new here, I've asked before (probably annoying you guys by now but I don't wanna break any new-commer rules)
Is it okay for me to join these challenges? :rolleyes:
I'll upload it because I wanted to see what you guys think. (I'm gonna crash soon so I wanted to get this out there before it gets too late. 3am here :D)

1. The Quarantine/infection poster

2. An example of where it would be displayed
sector 7 small.jpg

I hope you guys/girls like it, and allow me to post here :)
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