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Change Darker Color to Lighter Color, Keep Texture


New Member
Hi all,

Couple questions. Firstly, I want to change the color of the dark green dress in this photo to a lighter, banana yellow.
slave play 1.PNG I have been working with Photoshop since last April, and know how to change colors using blending modes, hue/saturation, color fill layer, etc. But whenever I try to use those methods on any darker color and change it to a lighter color, like black to tan, or dark red to orange, the result never comes out naturally. For this photo in particular, the new colors either turn out too dark and ugly, like a pickle yellow, and if I change the blending mode to make the color lighter naturally, it looks even weirder. Screenshot (39).png I'm tired of succumbing to these methods and have to believe there's a better way to do this.

I also need to keep the texture of the color change the same as the original image. So for this photo, I'd like to have the green be yellow but still keep the lines and velvety texture to the dress the same. Any help?


to me seems more a problem of adjusting correctly the brightness and contrast so it looks bright but conserving natural textures... and you can change the green for the yellow or desaturated it and painted yellow and adjust...

I made a 1 minute example with awfull selection, is this what you want?

slave play 1f.jpg


Yes Argos is right. You need not only to adjust to color with a Hue/Saturation adj. layer but also to add a birghtness & contrast adj. layer on top of it with the same layer mask. Depending on the situation, playing with the vibrance (Vibrance adj. layer) would be something you could also envisage.