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Color Identification Within an Image


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I have an image in which I need to identify the following, in rgb values (none of which may include black, white, or grey): 1) The primary two color hues (green and red, orange and violet, etc.), 2) the darkest tint for each of these primary hues, 3) The lightest tint for each, 4) The lightest and darkest blues, and 5) the lightest and darkest yellows. Is it possible to identify these colors in Photoshop? And if not, what’s are your suggestions for accomplishing these tasks? Thank you, in advance.


Hi circularreference
I believe it is possible to do in Photoshop yet to have a specific answer, I would need more details on your requirements (more on that later)
In general, I would take the following steps
1) Isolate the specific hue (or range of hues) desired to evaluation
2) Convert the isolated colors into a B&W equivalent of the measurement desired (light and dark definitions is often mixed with some combination of luminosity and saturation)
3) Use a threshold adjustment Layer to find the highest and lowest value

So to be more specific on recommendations some ambiguities if your needs must be cleared up

- Do you need to identify specific pixels or a contiguous area range?
- Do you want an exact hue only or a range of hues to be included?
- Do you want only R=B=G pixels excluded (those are exactly black, grey, and white type pixels) or ones that have a hue yet are very close to no saturation?
- What color model for measuring light and dark to which you are referring (HSB, HSL, Luminosity, or other)?
- Which color space are you using e.g. sRGB, Adobe RGB, ProPhoto RGB. They are all different scales

If you need more than just the initial suggestions on approach, knowing more about your needs and maybe an image example would be helpful in allowing forum members to better target their suggestions