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Color separations???


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Hi there. 1st off I'm very new to Photoshop so info would be great thank you.
Ok here is my question.
Lets say I have a design consisting of 4 full colors(no shading). Lets say the colors are Blue, Red, Black and green. The colors are all mixed up all over the design. Is there a way I can delete every bit of one color(say Green) in one go?
I'm using version 7 on a PC.
Thanks a lot and I'm new to this so sorry if its a silly question.


Welcome to the board XDannyBoyX :perfect:

Yes, you can.

You can use the magic wand tool and select one color by clicking on it (make sure that contigous is NOT selected in the top bar).

A second way is to select the color using Select / color range.
Just click in the select box to see what kind of options you have and adjust the fuzziness (=range).

After you have selected the color (either by using one of the 2 tools) you can press Delete to delete the content of your selection or fill it with a new color.

There are many ways to select/remove/replace colors, but I think these methods that I showed you are quite simple to use, even for beginners.