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Creating a photo with more punch


I am new to digital imaging and tweaking in photoshop.
I like landscape photography and use a DSLR camera with a tripod every time
I take photos, with mirror lock up, cable release and bracket my photos.
After tweaking in photoshop (I use CS3 and CS6), I find that my photos do not
have that kind of punch I see in other people's work.
Photoshop guru, please enlighten how I can improve the punch of my photos.
I am not talking about the colours and saturation.
Not and easy answer in my opinion, every photo is diferent and the most important is the pratice and experience to know what to do and most important what not to do, hope it's understandable XD.

Maybe putting one of your pictures and example what you want to acomplish more or less, to have an idea.