cs4 serial # stopped working

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My photoshop cs4 (which I purchased new online and have used for a year and a half), recently stopped working w/ error mssg that serial # is not valid. This followed taking my system in for virus removal. Does anyone have a suggestion for getting it running again. Using the serial # that came with the software and which has worked up til now. Adobe suggested buying new software. . . right now am having to use it as a trial version until I can get it running again.
Thanks for replying. Adobe is a dead end, since it wasn't purchased from them, they can't help. Since the serial # that came with it has worked all along, I think something glitched when I took the system in for virus removal. I am hoping someone has a suggestion for resetting this software with this serial #?
Contact the shop who sent you the software as long as it is genuine software there shouldnt be a problem with reinstalling it. if it was a trusted download then it should have only been from an Adobe website which you should have recieved an e receipt in your email a} with a serial number and B} with an activation code if you need to contact adobe.


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Sounds like you have had virus removal work done and they have taken the 'third parties' license out with it.
What site did you purchase your Photoshop from?
Adobe suggested buying new software why would they say that when you already have a legit copy?


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When you install CS4 the serial number gets sent to Adobe and approved during activation.
I have to assume this isn't a legitimate copy and you somehow were able to bypass Adobe's activation process.

If it "is" legitimate, you need to contact whomever you bought it through and have them make this right.
Otherwise you're out of luck.
Whether it's legit or not, I don't know. I thought it was all along. It was new and fully sealed with all the paperwork inside for Adobe, serial number, barcode, and looks for all the world to be the Adobe version of software it was sold as. When I loaded it, it required the serial # that came with it, which I entered, and I have not had any issues with it for over a year, until now. However, I purchased it on ebay, which I now realize was a mistake, since I can't contact a seller. I am afraid this may be an expensive lesson learned. . .


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You purchase the software so you have the rights to it (for however long)
Why dont you just crack it?? It is not illegal if you own it, you can modify anything you own/ belongs to you.

Advice: Do not buy software from a non-genuine dealer, such as eBay because you may be buying counterfeit products, which is illegal.
You may have purchased a pre-cracked version of Photoshop.
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