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Export different selections of layers to PFDs

Jack Renet

New Member
I want to create a flyer for 30 different people.
The flyer will be an A4 folded into 4 A5s.
Only the coverpage will be different, page 2,3 and 4 will be the same for each person.

I created an A4 divided into 2 A5s representing page 1 and 4 of the flyer.
I added a layer for the colour of the background and a seperate layer for the content of page 4.

For each of the 30 people I created a separate layer and added an existing PFD (containing pictures and texts) on top of page 1 of my flyer.
I would like to know how I can export 30 different PDF-files each contaning page 4 plus a different page 1.

Brian Soto

I realize I'm resurrecting an ostensible corpse, and admittedly, doing so a little light on the answer side. But if you're still looking for answers on this, I should mention when I read your post, I immediately thought Acrobat's Action Wizard, which handles batch automation with specific commands, and probably variables like the specific things you want.

I seriously doubt this function exists within Photoshop scripting (a feature already too arcane for my end-user designer skillset), but it's possible. I would think it would need the more robust export processing from Acrobat, but you may want to poke around scripting forums. If you have Acrobat, however, this theoretically should be a cinch with the Action Wizard.

If you're still around, and find an answer, I'd be curious to hear. Good luck.