Film Poster Contest for a short film "Contract"

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What element in those posters do you want incorporated in to the Contract poster? If you took a picture of the main character standing like those men are, then we could put him on another background and try to get that same look.
I really like how it has a destruction vibe going for it, and the colour schemes. BUT, whatever ideas you guys come up with im sure will be cool. As i dont have any other images other than the one I linked to.
Made a quick one and perhaps this may be an option...
I think you should have a poster that could be taken from the film itself, if you know what I mean.I think the poster that you link would give a little wrong impression. I think more of this type of style, based on the trailer...

I think a lot...:cheesygrin:
I also took the freedom to replace the scissors with a gun ... sorry! ;)
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These are all really good. It was so hard to pick. If you guys are interested my next film poster request is live now, this time it's a horror film. Please take a look if you are up for a challenge :)


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So was anyone actually picked, or have i totally missed the mark again.
This just looks like another advert for the next film to me?


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Simon, I assume you've chosen a poster design and that your film has been completed.

It's been five months since your last post and now you return only to inform us of a new film in the works that need a design?

May I point out item 2 in our Image Request Guidelines.....

We will disallow, delete or lock requests that involve :-

- Multiple requests for new design creations or other Photoshop work by previous requesters.

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Nah LiZad tends to ramble, then forget :rofl: .... It's a crossbreed tendency Lizard and human genes don't mix:rofl:
Hey guys, Im really sorry, as im sure you can appreciate this was originally posted at a time when I was up the wall organising the finished film and premier. The film was finished which you can see here [video=youtube_share;2QrhS8O4TqI][/video]
The design chosen was by nordin, and is featured in this new film (its on a wall in a scene)

I apologise again for not following up sooner :(
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