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Glare in glasses. Please help me edit image.Thank you.


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Hello!!I am just starting out with photography and messed up a photo that could have been great.I have never reached out for help but this time I am because I really need it.I have a family picture that the little boys glasses are cleared bad and another of him that no Glear in glasses.Is there anyway to take the face off one picture of no Glear and replace one with Glear?That would be amazing!!I can't wait to learn photoshop.One more thing that bugs me is the wrinkle in backdrop.Thank u soooo much if u can help me and God Bless you.I want so bad for this picture to turn out good.thank u again

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Hello and welcome to PSG.

It's very hard for us to tell if we can't see the image. Is there any possibility that you could upload the image for us to look at?
Also wanted to ask if it is hard to take shadows out of pictures?tia

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