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Gradient Frustration


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G’day everyone, first time poster here, enthusiastic Photoshopper.

I’ve just discovered the perfect Bronze Gradient but do you think I’m able to save this Gradient I’ve worked on, noooooooo.
Yep, . . . it gives me the option to save the Gradient yes, but when I go to load it the next time I need it, it just doubles the Gradient swatches already within the present’s window and my Bronze Gradient is nowhere to be seen.

The frustration is becoming palpable, . . . can anyone help?

I’m using Win 7, and Photoshop CS3. :bangdesk:


Adobe don't exactly make this sort of thing easy so your frustration is understandable.

Like most 'presets' in PS, you can either add to the existing preset 'LIST', or replace the 'LIST' entirely with another set, be that one that comes with PS or one of your own.

The common mistake people make, understandably, is that deleting a 'preset' deletes it entirely....not so, its just removed from the LIST of presets currently available to you....in that particular [displayed] 'set'.

In a nutshell, the 'gradients' you see in the list can come from just one set, or a combination of any number of 'sets'....this list is also 'editable' via the 'Preset Manager' too so not ALL the gradients IN a set may be visible.

Easy eh? :rofl:

So, (in a very normal convoluted Adobe way), in order to 'save' your gradient you need to first ADD it to an existing 'set'..., then delete all the 'presets' IN that 'set' that you don't want, then save that 'set' as your own...which will contain just your custom 'preset' gradient.

The good thing about this, if there is one, is that you only really need to set up your own 'preset' file once....from then on you can just 'ADD' to it....saving it again to keep your new gradients.

Watch this video I've done for you and see if it makes sense....if not just ask but hopefully it shows you the processes of adding your 'gradient' to an EXISTING set first, then 'managing' that set to include JUST your gradient, then saving that 'set' as your own.


NOTE: When I go into the 'Preset Manager' I select ALL the current gradient 'presets' EXCEPT MY GRADIENT in the usual manner of selecting the last one then SHIFT clicking the first one.....you'll see that the selected gradient boxes get outlined in black.

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