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  1. A

    Blending help

    Trying to connect these two photos, but the green stripe in the middle there is giving me a lot of trouble. I'm a bit of a novice. Any ideas for how to make this more of a gradient? I tried using the gradient tool, but I don't know how to give it the grainy texture of the rest of the photo, so...
  2. Nepcchi

    Gradient effect

    How to make a gradient effect that doesn't go over the whole canvas? I'm trying to re-create this exact effect. The canvas is 1800x29px but I can't figure out how to do it so that the gradient fades out near the ends like that.
  3. B

    New member

    I have just installed Photoshop ( thank you Father Christmas) and can't wait to get started. I have a bar / restaurant in SW France. I speak English. I will use PS for publicity projects like my website, flyers and posters. My first job is to create pics like the one attached. The technique...
  4. C

    Text + Gradient... BUT...

    Hi, I know how to apply gradient on text. What I don't know is how to apply gradient "starting from" text. Take a look at my example : The best I could do was to use a Shape Burst Gradient on the stroke... now, what I really want is the gradient to smoothly reach the black border. Any idea...
  5. P

    not sure how to describe or fix this problem

    I'm not sure why those big squares are there? I'm trying to fill the background with a gradient but it either doesn't show up or does this. Thanks for the help.
  6. D

    Need some help. Gradient.

    I have no idea what i'm doing and could use some help. I'm trying to fade two pictures together for an arcade controller layout. I've followed some vid instructions but the whole thing fades. I've gone to gradient editor and clicked foreground to background but the drop down imagine doesn't...
  7. F

    Curved Corner Gradients?

    Hi, I was browsing youtube and saw some people using corners like this, I would like to try the same thing but i honestly don't know how to, i know how to do gradient overlays like so, Has anyone done this and know how to?
  8. S

    how to make this gradient box ?

    hi all this is my first post in this form, i would like someone to show me how to do something like this image below, (the gradient blue box )
  9. agentmoeller

    Illustrator Gradients

    Can anyone explain to me why, within the gradient adjustment line box, I have a perfectly smooth top-to-bottom, black-to-white gradient, but the actual gradient in my shape object is a frumpy, unsmooth mess with smooshed color blends? Driving me NUTS@^*$%!!!
  10. Y

    How to I reproduce this effect?

    Hello everybody! Please someone explain me how to make this green/blue background effect? Like the gradient has lost its resolution or similar. Thank you!
  11. A

    Hand-drawn style for Architectural renders

    Hi everybody, I'm not a complete novice to photoshop but I'm having trouble recreating the effect shown below. I'm looking to turn my architectural renders (done with Vray in 3dsmax) into something that looks hand-drawn, almost. The example shown below is from another student who graduated a...
  12. K

    Step by Step Tutorial

    This is my first post on these forums and I hope I am posting in the correct one. I saw this photo and I would like to ask someone much more experienced than me with Photoshop to please explain the simplest way possible to put a gradient between the image of the jet, and the reflection of the...
  13. N

    Q: How to remove Clouds in a gradient sky?

    Hi, I wandering If you can orientate how I can remove this clouds . With Patch, Fill with Content-aware, healing brush , doesn't work correctly. Any advice, tip in how I can remove this clouds that in my composition , appear the Clouds are more importan than the skyline. So I want to remove...
  14. M

    Merging 2 pictures together for a custom card play mat

    There is a website for making custom card playmats (for magic the gathering, pokemon, etc) and you can upload a custom image to have your own printed. The play mat (and image) needs to be 24 inches wide, and 14 inches tall, at 150 PPI I would like the 2 images blended into one another forming...
  15. O

    How do I do pixeled gradient / effect like this?

    i wanna know how to get this effect of triangles pixels, thanks everyone :)
  16. X

    layer filled with gradient: the thumbnail shows the gradient and the image is tranpar

    Hello, I am newbie in photoshop I created a layer that I filled with a gradient. While the layer thumbnail shows the good gradient image, the main image is transparent. I noticed also that the rgb chanels thumbnail are transparent. How can I make the gradient color appear on the main image ...
  17. A

    Colour gradient?

    Hi everybody! I would like to make a gradient like this for a kids workshop (to print as a background basically, size around 1x1m). Any idea on how to make this? I would make it without the cells, anyway my guess is they have been superimposed last, after creating the colours. Seems fairly...
  18. S

    Fading the edges of a shape!

    I'm trying to fade the edges (not centre) of a shape which i have done so far through layer masking with the gradient tool and then inverting the mask. It is rather difficult however to centre the gradient properly so that it fades out equally in each direction. Is there an easier way to do this?
  19. A

    Gradient tool & layer mask

    I'm having a problem with this. I was watching a tutorial where the person used a layer mask on the a layer image then used gradient tool on the layer mask however when I do this, the gradient doesn't apply on the layer mask. I believe they were using cs6 while I'm using cs3. Any advice?
  20. A

    Gradient Frustration

    G’day everyone, first time poster here, enthusiastic Photoshopper. I’ve just discovered the perfect Bronze Gradient but do you think I’m able to save this Gradient I’ve worked on, noooooooo. Yep, . . . it gives me the option to save the Gradient yes, but when I go to load it the next time I...