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  1. R

    Best Sky Blending techniques??

    Hi, I'm doing some conceptual photographs that involve stitched panoramas on cs6 starting from the ground and going upwards so that the sky goes from light blue to dark blue over 4 or 5 photographs. I really want to get a perfectly smooth transition but when i align layers and then auto blend...
  2. T

    How to do a circular gradient?

    Hello! I am trying to create a circular gradient for a ball similar to the one we can find in OSX (see image below). I have created the ball (see attachments ) but I can't find a way to create a gradient that goes around the circle. Why can I only set a solid color on the layer named "ball...
  3. H

    Need Help! Gaussian Blur without Helo Effect how?

    Hello Community! This is my Problem, so if somebody of You Profis can help: I try to make a Background like this: color: gradient deep dark blue to little bit brighter blue and, at that one 'dizzy' soft Light that disappeared to the middle of picture. Layer 1 gradient blue is OK. Layer 2 -...
  4. A

    I need more styles?

    (Practical Problem) I have downloaded some gradient(roamn_gradients_set1) from the google and installed it. I want to install “Styles” option underneath “Layer Styles” After the installation, we will find that it comes under the gradients not the “Style”. How do I increase the “Styles” option...
  5. W

    Creating A Gradient Beam

    I am trying to figure out the easiest way to create those gradient beams my self in Photoshop. Any help would be much appreciated ! :thumbsup:
  6. L

    My gradient tool is being uncooperative!

    So, my gradient doesn't change when i drag the gradient tool a certain way. If i went from any direction it'd just stay the same. Why isn't it moving?? Thanks
  7. G

    Easiest way to CREATE gradient banding?

    I've searched high and low for an easy way to do this, but of course it turns out most people want to remove gradient banding :) I know usually people need to get rid of gradient banding, but I actually need to create it. So, what is the easiest way to create gradient banding? I know...
  8. S

    How would you create a gradient like this?

    Can someone please give me an idiots guide as to how I would produce a gradient like this? I'm getting better at this Photoshop lark I assure you all! :) Thanks in advance Steve
  9. D

    Gradient map icon missing

    Hello, I have problem using the gradient map tool, i can't have the same processing step about that on a tutorial i have seen. In the image file i attached, i have the view of layers palette while processing as in the 1, and the 2 is the view i want to have extracted from tutorial. I can't...
  10. qmyxpa0c1l34

    Halo Background

    Another one of my projects, tell me what you think.
  11. P

    Gradient banding in 16 bit grayscale

    I've used Photoshop for a variety of things over the years, but never for photography... Currently I'm working on terrain height maps for a video game(Sims 3, Create-a-World). 16 bit grayscale png is the format. I generate the height map in another program and then refine the resultant png in...
  12. D

    Adjust contrast using a gradient

    I have a picture of a building that is too bright on one side on the building and too dark on the other. I thought using a gradient contrast curve with multiple points would work, I tried, and have found a method, but the image goes black and white. Any ideas on the most efficent way to do...
  13. M

    Gradient histogram

    Hello all, Can anybody tell me why the histogram for a gradient is not flat, as I guess it should be? Or, how to make a gradient that results in a flat histogram (that is, with the same number of pixels for each level)? The screen capture annexed should clarify the subject. Thanks in advance...
  14. S

    How to fill a rectangle with gradient color

    I want to fill a rectangle with a gradient color I have created (using start-stop colors) but without using the gradient tool which requires manual job.I just want to fill the rectangle from color-start to color-stop. Thank you.
  15. M

    Help!( Gradient Gray Down )

    Hi, how are you doing? I have given my header a #000 background, and I wanted to give it background image, a gradient-grey-down.png, to be exact. I know this is probably something simple, but I'm stuck. Can anyone help this novice Photoshop wannabe? Thank you...:razz:
  16. G

    How to draw this Gradient Image?

    Hello All, Can someone help me in making this background? I tried linear gradient but it doesn't look exactly like the attached one.
  17. C

    Line in Gradient

    ok this is driving me wacko cause I cant seem to get rid of it. I have tried starting this project from scratch I have purged photoshop I even rebooted my comp but I have no idea why this is happening? I make a gradient in a selected area on a transparent layer and its fine. I...
  18. L

    Help needed re-producing a gradient fill

    Hi All, I am trying to reproduce the image below. From what I can make out it is simply a filled rectangle with a texture and then two radial gradients (probably on seperate layers) applied to it. Seems simple but I have spent hours trying to reproduce. Any help greatly appreciated, but...
  19. V

    Gradient? Not sure!

    Hi there! I am looking for insight on how to create a certain effect in photoshop. I am helping a friend design a pamphlet, and on the cover they would like to have a gradient type thing, but almost as though there are multiple gradients. I do have some experience in photoshop, but moreso with...
  20. D

    Gradient problem

    Screenr - donnhy: ehh video should explain problem.