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  1. S

    Create a Bevelled Effect Frame Rectangle Button Shape in Photoshop

    I am a designer who primarily uses InDesign and Illustrator and have a client that wants to recreate this gold and black gradient beveled embossed looking rectangle... however they want it in Photoshop. I for the life of me, can't remember how to do this with the gradients and changing colors...
  2. Brian Soto

    Gradient Tool 'Replacing, But' Not 'Adding'

    I'm going through a tutorial where we're using a technique that employs the use of the basic gradient tool to cover parts of a layer mask. From what I can tell, the instructor in the video is using a default black to white gradient. The problem I'm having is that he keep using the gradient tool...
  3. C

    Multi Colored Gradient Shadow

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone here knew how to recreate the multi colored gradient shadow effect on the image below. I have the black outline of the object that I want to be surrounded by the gradient, and I want to recreate it so that it is exactly how it is in the flyer below. Thank you.
  4. H

    straighten an irregularly curved line

    Imagine the picture posted is a piece of yarn...Is there a way in photoshop to "stretch" this yarn into a straight line. In other words, is there a way to copy the color gradient and apply it to a straight line with all of the relative distances between colors preserved?
  5. S

    Tate Modern Logo

    Hey all. I'm trying to recreate the blur effects of the logo(s) used for the Tate Modern. The logos: The topic has been discussed before: One of the solutions suggests...
  6. M

    Illustrator Absolute beginner question for you.

    OK. So I want to know how I can make a gradient fill for two separate forms. I say forms because it could be several objects or just one object but I can't figure out how the gradient can fill from left to right on a group which has two separated forms. When I try I get the gradient to fill EACH...
  7. G

    How can I use multiple overlay effects simultaneously in Photoshop?

    There are 3 overlay effects available in Photoshop as layer styles: Color, Gradient and Pattern. The problem: these effects come in a strictly fixed order! Is it possible to make a translucent Gradient Overlay over a Color Overlay using only layer styles? Or a Multiply Pattern and Color Overlays?
  8. S

    Help get rid of gradient circles when applying lighting effects

    Hi guys, So I applied the lighting effects (in filter/render) to my background, and when i zoom in, I can see these ugly gradient circles, that may appear when I print out the background. Is there any way to make the lighting smooth without these circles? Thanks for help
  9. M

    Color swap on difficult piece

    Hi there. I have a photo of a linen top, where the coloring of the piece is a gradient running from the top to the bottom. I would like to take the "non-white" color and swap it with another while maintaining an authentic look. I've tried my typical methods of swapping colors, but I've never...
  10. R

    How doI change the colors of a gradient?

    Hello guys, i'm have a little trouble to print a folder of my company. I hired a guy to make the folder, but he backed out of the deal. :banghead: The folder is already completed, i'm just having issue with the printer company. My background isn't in the right black composition in cmyk. How...
  11. G

    Gradient Help

    How do I stuff that is like the gradient looking thing in the pink area?
  12. S

    Correcting Colour on Bridesmaid Dress Photo

    Well her is my big challenge of the week.... Can anyone advise me how I can make the skirt part of this dress ivory colour like the bodice, rather than appearing a grey gradient all the way down the skirt now. It looked good as the original photo but now that I have cut it out and put it on a...
  13. R

    Making a true duotone that looks like a gradient map

    Hey guys, maybe you can help me with this. I have a project where I am printing orange onto an uncoated paper, and to keep the color vibrant I am printing the orange as spot PMS 151. In one instance, the orange is overlayed over a photograph (it was an orange layer set to mulitply over a...
  14. gautamz07

    CSS gradients

    Hey Guys , Nofin much to do today , so just came on here i came across a really nice color gradient combination online , , i am going to try to make a few of my own and post it here , if you want u can contribute too :D I will be hand-typing the CSS...
  15. C

    Illustrator How would you do this blending? is there a teqnique?

    Any help would be appreciated !
  16. Q

    Help! I made this a while ago and can't figure out how to reproduce the effect.

    Okay so I'm part of a team that's responsible for graphics (banners, sprite recolors, simple stuff) for a game that's currently in design and was recently resurrected from a project that failed. Basically, this is the situation: I made the graphic below in about an hour a few years ago and can't...
  17. V

    3D Color, actually wrap, the top/sides of a 3D cube or rectangle with a gradient

    Hi, Using CS6 Extended (CC), on Win 7. I used the Cube Warp mesh - to create a 3D rectangle, and I want to color, a better word is "wrap" the cube in a gradient, simulating a light shining at the face of the rectangle. I'm not trying to give the 3D rectangle object a special type of texture or...
  18. C

    Pattern and Gradient Fading to transparent single shape?

    Hi Guys, I'm coming from Fireworks. A technique I use often in my ui work is to combine a texture with a gradient that fades the gradients color and the pattern to transparent. In Fireworks, this can be done on a single layer with no mask. The transparency of the gradient affects the...
  19. O

    Illustrator Illustrator CS6 Saving to PDF Gradient Problems HELP!!!

    Hello, Im trying to export an illustrator CS6 document to PDF but whenever i export it the gradients within the document turn nearly sold. On the screen it looks fine. have changed the transparency in the document set up to high res but still, nothing changes. Does anyone have any idea? Please...
  20. C

    Gradient Style for shape?

    I'd like to create or download a style for a shape fill that is a gradient blending outwards from a point (I'm making flowers), that I can choose the two colours, or create a number of my own custom ones. Can anyone recommend a download, or tell me the steps to create one myself? I'm using PS...