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Help! Animated GIF on Google Ads.

Hello Everyone,

I had this error when attempting to upload the ads. "We've detected strobing or Flashing effects. Make sure the frame rate of your ad is less than 5 FPS for GIFs. Learn more"

I am a newbie on this Google Ads but I did followed the guidelines and requirements. Made the animation 0.2 frame rate and stops at 30 secs or less.

Can someone help me on this? I've uploaded the ads that I've made in Photoshop.

Thank you so much!


Hi reginac
I am not sure if this is the issue yet both animated GIF are exactly at 5FPS (.2 sec per frame) and if read literally, the spec says less than 5FPS. Did you try just below 5FPS and see if it is accepted?
Just a quick though as I have not tried it out myself.
Might be worth a try
John Wheeler
Hi thebestcpu,
Thank you for your response. I wasn't sure whether the FPS is the issue or the animation itself. It has 35 frames and I've set up each frame to 0.2 seconds (which means there are 5 frames per second). The animation's duration is 7 seconds total (35 frames divided by 5) and it can play 4 times (28 seconds).

What I did now is instead of 5FPS, it's 4FPS - 32 frames and each frame is set to 0.25 seconds. The animation's duration is 8 seconds total and it can only play 3 times (24 seconds). I hope Google will accept this. I am a newbie for this Google Ads.
Mine was just a guess because it seems that you met the specs. They do have this criteria as well yet not sure now to judge if your is an issue:

Strobing, flashing, or otherwise distracting images" which apparently can be rejected even at 5fps. Some folks have added a transition between frames to smooth it out and got their ad to pass.
A forum member with more expertise on this subject should probably jump in to help.
I actually did since it says it should be less than 5 FPS, I adjusted the animation to 4 FPS and hopefully this will be okay. I thought that the burning animation ad can be rejected because of the strobing, flashing effects.