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[Help] Matching my Phone Camera's 'Brightness' Adjustment


[just to be clear, I'm just asking for general guidance here, I made a post in the 'free request' section if anyone actually wanted to sit around and try to match the images]

Hello everyone, I've recently been given a Samsung Galaxy S6 that has a manually adjustable 'brightness' slider. Trouble is the UI is awful and while using it is sometimes necessary, it can take forever due to said software. I've been trying to mimic the adjustment, but I haven't gotten it yet, definitely not just 'brightness' as the UI says - seems to be some mix of white balance, exposure, contrast, levels...maybe more.

I took a base picture (which usually auto sets 'brightness' around 50%) and maxed it out (though sometimes adjusting the slider does nothing). I was hoping someone had an idea as to how to approximate this effect, any ideas are appreciated.

adjusted reduced.jpg

base reduced.jpg